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Positively Positive Review – NCIS: Los Angeles – Fame

by on Apr.28, 2010, under Crime, Drama, Television

NCIS LA - Fame

Alright so I know there might be some people out there who disagree with me, but I’m okay with Dom being replaced by Deeks. I actually thought he was just going to the team’s LAPD liaison but I guess I should’ve known better. Turns out that Hetty has been secretly watching him for a while and wants him to be a full member of the team.

I don’t really have anything against Dom as a character or Adam Jamal Craig as an actor. It’s just that Dom’s character wasn’t that strong so I can’t say that I’m too surprised they are replacing him. Deeks is a bit more interesting. He’s got a grittiness about him and comes with some baggage, all things that are needed in a drama like NCIS: Los Angeles.

This week’s episode did a great job in setting up Deeks, showing how he might work with the team in the future. The truth is that it wasn’t a perfect fit, but that’s okay. He doesn’t immediately get along with everyone, there is disagreement with how he handles a tricky situation with a suspect holding a gun to a woman’s head, etc. But that’s all part of the fun. If Deeks stepped in and everything was hunky-dory right from the start, how interesting would that be? Not much.

After seeing clips from next week’s ep (there I go, watching previews again, darnit), I’ll admit that I did something I normally never do. I went hunting for spoilers. Well for those who want to avoid them, have no fear. Cuz I came up with nothing. The truth is that I have no idea what will happen to Dom in next week’s ep, other than what we saw in the previews. But if I had to bet, I’d say that Deeks will be back soon.

Overall a good episode that gave this new team a chance to start working out the kinks of their (sure to be complicated in the future) relationships.

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