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Creation Entertainment Salute to Serenity/Firefly

Positively Positive Review – Salute to Serenity and Firefly 2009

by on Nov.30, 2009, under Conventions, Creation Entertainment Salute to Serenity/Firefly

Creation’s Salute to Serenity and Firefly 2009. Los Angeles, California – November 21 – 22, 2009Serenity Poster

I’ve been to quite a few conventions put on by Creation Entertainment and I’m beginning to find them almost a bit like “home” now.

The first one I ever attended was geared mostly towards Star Trek: The Next Generation, which I was into bigtime when I was a teen. More recently, I’ve been attending the Supernatural conventions and their Serenity/Firefly “cons”. Both times I have attended the Serenity/Firefly con I did so mostly as a vendor, working at the California Browncoats booth.

Going as a Gold patron (which is how I usually attend the Supernatural cons) is of course different than being a vendor, but I still found this weekend a lot of fun. Having been so many times now, I’m beginning to recognize a lot of familiar faces in the staff and getting to know the layout of the hotel.

As for the guests, they were (as always) wonderful. On Saturday I was lucky enough to get some time off from the booth to see not only Adam Baldwin, but also the panel with Tim Minear and Jane Espenson.

I was delighted and a bit surprised (given the often gruff characters he plays on screen) to find Adam very pleasant and often quite hilarious. Afterwards I eagerly waited for Tim and and Jane. I was very excited to get some info from two such amazing writers (both worked on many of Joss Whedon’s shows). They were full of lots of great advice and came ready with suggestions for budding writers, as well as taking questions from the audience.

I always love hearing from those in front of the camera and seeing how different (or similar) an actor is from their character on screen. But I also really enjoy hearing from those behind the camera as well, the ones who create the shows that I love so much. So that panel was a fantastic treat and I hope to see more of these kinds of guests at Creation’s events in the future.

On Sunday (when I wasn’t working the booth in the dealer’s room), I was able to see Jewel Staite and Alan Tudyk.

Having never seen her on stage before, I have to say that I instantly fell in love with Jewel. She was funny and I loved all her little stories about moving into a new home, etc. I especially dug the cute way she kept referring to her husband, showing how much fun they are having together.

As for Alan, I was both excited and a little nervous about his appearance. On Saturday I made a joke that I was thinking of asking Alan whether or not he had a quota for how many times he wants to die on screen (given his propensity for doing just that). I was encouraged to go ahead and ask my question and informed that Alan would most likely be giving out prizes to anyone who asked him a question.

So I did it. Yes I was terrified (I don’t like talking in front of crowds much), but I did it….and yes, my question got a great laugh. His answer was that he didn’t have one but if he did, he was sure he had met it by now. In the end I got a cool Hawaiian shirt from him and I couldn’t have been happier.

Overall I found the entire convention a lot of fun and there’s no doubt that I would want to attend again, whether I’m behind the booth getting to talk to all the great Browncoats, or if I’m just in the audience.

Wanna hear more about my weekend at the Con and get more details on the panels, etc? Then stay tuned to my Livejournal  for a detailed entry about the entire weekend.


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