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Positively Positive Book Review – The Hunt by Muffy Morrigan

by on Jun.06, 2010, under Books, Fiction

As a fan of Muffy Morrigan’s fanfiction , I was very excited when she sent me a copy of her latest novel to check out. When The Hunt arrived, the first thing that intrigued me was the front cover – a haunting picture of a horse and its skeletal shadow. I loved the spooky imagery and as I read the book, I found the image quite fitting.

The Hunt is the story of two brothers with a bond so strong that it goes beyond what we might think of as normal. Part of an ancient race, Galen and Rob are being called to take part in an ancient rite in another world. It is a world that sits on the edge of our own reality, only visible to those who know it’s there and how to look for it.

My favorite bits…..

The way Muffy depicts Galen and Rob, brothers who mean everything to each other and will do anything for each other, including laying their lives on the line.

The amazing imagination in the story and how she was able to come up with creatures, rituals, languages and songs I could never have thought of in a million years. Every detail completely worked out, dating back to another time not connected to ours.

Fantasy mixed so well with reality, the brothers going from the everyday world of driving cars and running a business to riding phantom, skeletal horses and acting as king and champion in an alternate universe.

The way the dialogue switched from modern to ancient, without a hitch. One second the brothers are chanting an old verse and the next cursing each other out in a way that would make a sailor proud.

The spirits of those who have passed continue to help the living, still there when they are needed to provide counsel.

The story ending in an epic battle, pitting ancient creatures, humans and even spirits against each other as the wall between the two worlds is blasted down, allowing all to fight on equal ground.

Overall an entertaining read with a fun mix of fantasy and adventure that brings the reader into another reality.

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