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Positively Positive Review – NCIS: Los Angeles – Search and Destroy

by on Oct.15, 2009, under Crime, Drama, Television

LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell in NCIS: Los Angeles, Season 1, episode 4 “Search and Destroy”. Image from www.daemonstv.comNCIS LA Search and Destroy

Another really good episode that had not only great action but some laugh out loud funny stuff in it. I can’t get enough of watching Sam and Callen together. These two macho men can act like such children at times and when they do, it makes me giggle. The rest of the team is awesome too and the whole cast contributes to making this a show to watch.

This week’s episode had the team working to track down a man who turns out to have a lot in common with Callen. As we are introduced to Flynn, we find out how he got to be where he is and in doing so, see more about who Callen is as well. The more I learn about Callen, the more curious I am about him and can’t wait to find out more.


Very exciting opening sequence done at LAX.

Eric’s happiness over getting to 1,000 Facebook friends and the entire conversation that came of it. Totally cracked me up as I’m on pretty much every one of the websites they mentioned.

Hetty deciding that Callen’s new color scheme for his wardrobe is black, due to the numerous bloodstains he seems to pick up.

Director Vance turning out to be Eric’s 500th Facebook friend. Awesome.

Callen’s reaction as they he listened to the description of Flynn’s rough upbringing.

Sam quoting Spock…..and it leading them to the suspect. Nice!

Callen turning rather viciously on Nate when he tried to point out that Flynn’s childhood could produce major psychological problems.

Finding out that Callen apparently grew up in LA. Interesting. I never think of people actually being raised in this town.

Sam’s description of his first tat and how it sounded suspiciously like another important milestone in a young man’s life.

Dom getting scared when the cat came out of the door. Reminds me of a similar moment when a cat jumped out and spooked Tony on NCIS. Wonder if that was done on purpose?

Awesome line from Sam (after Eric tells him that “friending” is the lingo for asking someone to be your friend on Facebook): “What’s the lingo for when someone smacks you with a flipflop?”. Now there’s a threat I’ve never heard before. I think Sam would do it too, even if he had to go hunt for a flip flop.

The interesting covers Sam and Callen come up with when they need to talk to someone without giving away who they really are.

Third mention of Facebook. Okay, so did they pay for that or what?

Sam and Callen eating Blowpops on the stakeout totally reminded me that I need to pick some up for the trick or treat’ers on Halloween.

This exchange about one of  Sam’s Blowpop wrapper creations. Callen: Is that a frog? .  Sam: It’s a swan.  Callen: from where, Chernobyl?

The entire conversation in the car that followed after that had me laughing hysterically. Callen always seems to push Sam’s buttons right up to the point where he threatens him with bodily harm.

Kensi taking out the security guys coming in on their turf by slamming their car with a battering ram and setting off the airbags. She is my hero.

Sam saying that back in the day he was pretty money at Donkeykong. Hey, me too. Though I rocked at Space Invaders too.

Hetty talking to Callen about clothing and how damaged goods can be more valuable because of their unique qualities…..when he knew she was really talking about him.

Callen trying to play a bad boy gamer. He got the bad boy part okay but needed a little help from his friends when it came to the gamer part.

Wait. A geek and a gearhead…..who can also cook? They’ve just described my dream man.

The sight of Callen’s car. How come he can’t drive THAT one all the time? It was Gorgeous!

The team using the billboard across the street to show the video. Very clever.

Callen letting Flynn go, knowing that a man so similar to him would never want to live the rest of his life in protective custody. The way they discussed how they do what they do so that others can live an idyllic life was so sad.

Hetty finding Sam’s origami swan in the end…..and calling it a duck. LOL!

Overall a great episode, giving us yet another peek into Callen’s complicated past.

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