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Positively Positive Review – Creation’s Salute to Supernatural 2010 – Los Angeles, CA

by on Apr.08, 2010, under Conventions, Creation Entertainment

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The last time I reviewed a Creation convention (Firefly/Serenity this past November), I made a remark that going to these events has started to feel like home to me. This convention was no different. In fact it was probably even more so, as this year’s event marks my third Supernatural Creation convention.

Once again I attended as a Gold Member and really enjoyed all of the benefits this ticket price offers. I bought my ticket last year so I got a slightly better seat this year at all the panels (row F, in the center). Plus my friend and I got to pick out our table at the special “Breakfast with Jared and Jensen”. We were center for that and pretty close so I had no trouble seeing the guys and enjoying what they had to tell us about shooting the series this year.

The other thing I like about going Gold is that it gives you free autographs with each guest. Every year Creation invites more and more new guests so I now have quite a few signatures (21 at last count) on a poster that I’ve brought to every convention so far. That is more than worth it for me since that poster is pretty much ready to be “retired” now (in other words, framed and put up in my living room).

This year I had a friend who not only went Gold but also paid for “VIP” tickets. I had heard about these tickets but didn’t have a lot of interest in them. I had heard that they allowed you to go backstage and I mistakenly thought that meant that you had to sit back there. I couldn’t imagine why someone would want to do that. LOL.

But boy was I ever wrong. All weekend my friend kept coming back to our hotel room (we hardly ever saw her during the day since we all had different seats) to regale us with stories from backstage. She got to meet with each every guest, was first in line for all signings, photo-ops, etc. Basically she had a freaking blast and I have to admit that I was just a smidge jealous.

This year they had some interactive voting which was pretty fun. Categories like “favorite car” and “favorite villain” were voted by texting on your phone and the results appeared on screen instantly! That was pretty freaking cool.

The guests were all wonderful and I enjoyed seeing some new faces (Kurt Fuller, Rob Benedict and Mark Pellegrino) as well as all of the familiar ones like Jared and Jensen of course and Jim Beaver, the “Ghostfacers” (AJ and Travis), etc. All of the guests seem to really enjoy being there which has to say a lot about how they are treated not only by us fans, but also by the Creation crew. Happy guests make for a much more pleasant experience so I appreciate all the crew does to keep them (as well as us) happy.

The staff as always was super friendly and after a few “glitches” on the first day picking up our tickets, etc, it was pretty much smooth sailing from then on out. This year I got a lot of attention because a friend of mine had made a stuffed/pillow version of the ’67 Impala that the guys drive on the show. So by the end of the con I had been dubbed “the Impala lady” by quite a few of the Creation team. In fact they liked it so much that they even declared it the winner of the centerpiece contest at Saturday night’s dessert party.

Also when talking about the staff I can’t go without saying how grateful I am to one staff member, who’s name unfortunately I never got. At the very end of the convention my friend and I were heading back to our room and discussing my poster (which I was still holding up to allow the ink to dry from the last signature). One of the staff members walked into step beside us and began to chat, he then asked me to hang on for a second and began patting down his pockets. Within seconds he produced a silver sharpie and presented it to me, saying that it was Jared’s from the signing earlier in the day. I still have no idea why he chose to give it to me, but it was so sweet. I’m embarrassed now that I didn’t think to ask the gentleman’s name but I think I was in shock. LOL.

Overall I’d have to say that these conventions appear to do nothing but get better and better. I am already starting to make plans to go to next year’s Los Angeles convention again and am even trying to figure out how I can attend some others, like the Vancouver one, etc. I’m also gonna try really hard to get my hand on a VIP pass. ;o)

Louden Swain concert (held at Creation’s Salute to Supernatural convention – LA 2010)

Creation’s Salute Firefly/Serenity convention – Los Angeles 2009

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