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Positively Positive Review – NCIS: Los Angeles – Predator

by on Oct.08, 2009, under Crime, Drama, Television

Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J in NCIS: Los Angeles season 1, episode 3 “Predator”. Image from www.daemonstv.comNCIS LA

The third episode of this new series proved to me that it’s got was it takes to stay on my list of “must watch”. Not because it was particularly spectacular, but because it showed me that a “case ep” is strong enough on its own. It contained no mysteries about the characters and wasn’t overly dramatic. It was just a good script with action and humor, just how I like it.


If I haven’t mentioned it yet, I really like the opening credits to this show. Great music.

The team’s reaction to Hetty talking about (obviously) dating Frank Sinatra and George Hamilton.

The meeting in the car with Sam, Callen and Hetty’s contact. That guy was hilarious.

Okay I don’t know if that “kaleidoscope” thing is real but if it is, it’s kinda cool……and a little scary.

The fact that Hetty has the ability to intimidate everyone on the team. Loved the scene where she was mad about not being able to watch the video “with the cats and trampoline”.

Learning that the team has a boathouse they use as a secondary base. Nice.

The interrogation with the drone pilot. I thought that guy had some really good points about the dangers of using drones over real pilots.

Okay not that I don’t like Sam’s car, cuz lets face it, we all know I do, but Callen supposedly has a new Impala. Where is it? Maybe they’re hiding it cuz the new Impalas aren’t nearly as cool……just sayin’.

Callen telling Sam his ears wiggle when he tries to avoid a conversation and “it’s kinda adorable”. OMG! I know it’s wrong to call these two strong macho men cute but…..that was so darn cute!

Finding out that Callen can read Arabic (at least I believe that’s what language that was. They never said so forgive me if I got it wrong).

Callen’s awesome flying tackle to take down the suspect. Whoa!

Sam speaking Arabic to the suspect. Wow, so I guess they both speak and read it? Wonder how/when they learned?

Hetty’s anger over Sam and Callen getting the suspect’s blood all over their clothes.

Absolute best line of the ep, and of course delivered by Hetty. “These guys have spent more time with their World of Warcraft avatars, than REAL women who aren’t called ‘mom’ “.  So funny to me as I know a few guys who fit that description. LOL.

Kensi going undercover as the ex-hacker/sexy teacher. Love how the team was reading all the IMs between the students.

Dom’s distress over not getting there in time to save the guy in the bathroom. Poor guy.

Noticing how the whole team works together to solve the case without any discernable leader that I can see. Hetty may the Ops Mgr but she doesn’t go in the field. Obviously Callen and Sam are the Sr Agents in the field, but I don’t see that one is more senior than the other. It’s very interesting and quite different from the original NCIS, where Gibbs is the definite leader of his team.

The team running out of time to stop the UAV, asking the drone pilot to help and when he says he can’t as last time he failed, Dom steps in and gives him a pep talk based on how he too messed up and someone died. That was great.

The way Eric figured out how to clear out the high school in a “fast enough” way by setting off the fire alarms. Brilliant.

The pilot getting control of the missile at the last second….whew!

Callen being upset that Hetty told Sam the Nepal story and not him. Too funny.

Nate checking in on Dom. I like how his character really seems to care for all of the team, not just as part of his job but as a friend.

Overall a good episode with a great premise and lots of team interaction to solve the case.

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