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Why “The Positively Positive”?

I originally started The Positively Positive as a place to post reviews of my favorite tv shows that did something other than complain about how horrible the show was. For a while there it felt like every online forum I visited, even those for so-called “fans” did nothing but flame the shows they were talking about. I wanted a place where people could come and read about their favorite shows and not have to deal with flamers.

Within a couple months, that changed. First off I don’t just review tv shows, I now review pretty much anything that interests me and makes a good impression on me – books, conventions, amusement parks, toys, websites, you name it.


Now another new change has come about recently. I am actually starting to (gasp!) make money at this and, well, turns out there are rules about this stuff and one of them is that I have to actually tell y’all about it. I have no problem with that, in fact I’m happy to tell my tale.

As y’all can probably see, I have links to various sites on my blog. If people click on the links and/or buy stuff, I make money. Not a whole heck of a lot yet, but hey, one can dream right? I also occasionally get free stuff (like books to read) so I can write a review. Another way I make (again not much) money is by doing (another gasp!) sponsored reviews. Now before you get your feathers ruffled, let me point out that I never, ever say anything untrue or don’t believe, from the bottom of my heart, on this site.

Plenty of people get paid to write reviews of products (or get free products to do so), but not everyone writes ONLY positive reviews. How do I do it? Well, the truth is that I turn down offers. All the time. Nearly every day in fact. You see, if I don’t like a product, or simply have no interest in it, then I don’t accept an offer to get paid to write about it. Rest assured, everything I write about is something that I’ve checked out myself and every positive thing I say about it is what I really believe.

Now does that mean if you offer to pay for a review and I refuse, that your product/website, etc is “bad”? Heck no! It just means that it’s not something that I’m interested in. For instance if you’d like me to write a review about an orthodontist office in another state, I’m probably gonna have to say no thanks. Just because, what on earth could I say about it if I’ve never been there?

Other than that though, I’m open to writing a review for just about anything! So bring on the offers!

…Oops, I’m not supposed to try and sell myself with my disclosure page, am I? Oh well. ;o)

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