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SyFy Movie Review: Stonehenge Apocalypse

by on Jun.13, 2010, under Sci Fi, Television, TV Movies

Misha Collins in SyFy's Stonehenge Apocalypse

When I heard that one of my favorite actors from Supernatural, Misha Collins who plays the angel Castiel, was starring in his very own SyFy tv movie, I just had to watch it. Truthfully though, I didn’t expect it to like it all that much. I know, I’m sorry, but hey this is a SyFy movie and well, they’re not always top notch, ya know?

Okay so I was wrong. Like way wrong. Unlike other tv movies that feature a misunderstood hero, a strong female scientist, a soldier willing to break the rules, another soldier who simply wants to destroy what he doesn’t understand and a crazy zealot bent on destroying the world – this movie was actually pretty good. Once you got past some of the cheese (Stonehenge MOVES???), it’s really pretty awesome, okay so maybe b-movie-on-Syfy-awesome, but still.

The fun part about watching Misha in Supernatural as Castiel is that he plays the character so subtly while still managing to convey a lot. Well in this movie, he plays a character that’s anything but subtle. He gets to ham it up, yelling at scientists who don’t believe his theories, getting into fights, getting shot, hanging out of car windows and all around getting to be something of a badass (well, as much of badass as a crackpot scientist can be anyway). Not that he takes it too far though, just enough to show us that he can do more than play a nearly emotionless angel with a sexy gravelly voice.

There were some great lines in this flick too, including Jacob’s ultra sarcastic “Oh, you don’t say!” when he finds out that the scientists have just discovered something he’s known all along, and the driver screaming “Holy crap!” when the pyramid suddenly appeared in the middle of Maine (yeah I think that would’ve been my response too).

Then of course there was the ending. Okay so maybe I should have seen it coming but I didn’t. Jacob sacrificing himself to save the planet and Kaycee taking over his radio show “The Real Story”? Nope, didn’t see that at all. I totally thought the two of them would end up together and that’s probably what I liked the most about this movie. Despite the b-movie and cheese factor, it still managed to surprise me.

Not bad for a SyFy movie, not bad at all.

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