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Positively Positive Review – NCIS: Los Angles: Breach

by on Jan.08, 2010, under Crime, Drama, Television

NCIS Los Angeles

For me the storyline of this episode was almost secondary to the character development that was in it. First off I’m really enjoying the character of Callen more and more. He may be the team leader, but he’s not exactly perfect and that makes him really interesting to me.

We got to learn a little bit more about Sam this time as we found out that he helped a young Somali come to this country after Sam killed his father. Not only the tough Navy SEAL, we see that Sam has some heart too and treats the young man almost like a son.

Hetty is proving to be an interesting part of the team as well. Most of the time, she stands around in the background, complaining about budgets and seeming more like a mother hen than anything else. But when it is needed, she is not above a little subterfuge to help out her team. It turned out she was nagging the team this time in an effort to keep them all from turning into lonely workaholics like her lost friend…..and perhaps herself as well?

The ending was poignant – Callen quietly offers his shoulder to two of his teammates, helping them deal with their sadness each in a different way – an art exhibit for Hetty, a run with Sam.

Overall an episode with an interesting storyline intermixed with lots of character development.

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2 Comments for this entry

  • AZGirl

    I totally agree with you about Callen. As the show goes on, I too am enjoying his character more and more. Loved the end of the ep also. I sometimes get the mother/son vibe from Hetty/Callen – what do you think?

    I have to say though that I was hoping that you already had reviews up of last night’s eps as I’m very curious what you thought… Must be patient I guess. ;o)

  • Mokibobolink

    Hi AZGirl,

    Yes you’re gonna have to be a bit patient with me. I’ve been sick in bed for a few days and today I’m finally up and moving around a bit. I just finished a review of NCIS, plus a new post on my fanfiction blog. So I may not get to my review of last night’s ep of NCIS LA until possibly tomorrow. But rest assured, I do have a lot to say about it.

    I too see a mother/son connection between Hetty and Callen. In one of my earlier reviews of the show I mentioned that and how I thought it was very similar to the Gibbs & Tony father/son vibe on NCIS. It’s very interesting to see how the relationships are playing out on both shows.


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