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TV Episode Recap/Review – The Walking Dead “Guts”

by on Nov.07, 2010, under Drama, Horror

The Walking Dead “Guts” Season 1 Episode 2 – What do you do when most of the population is dead or walking dead and there are still jackasses around? That was a question posed in this episode after Rick gets saved from the mess he was in inside the tank and meets up with a group of refugees. One of them (played by Michael Rooker) is the kind of jerk you hope you’ll only ever see on television but unfortunately for Rick (and the rest of the group) the guy is there in living color and so despicable I wanted to put a bullet in his head myself. Rick does the next best thing when he handcuffs the idiot to the roof, but when everyone has to run for their lives and leave him there, I realized that was an awful thing to do, even to a guy like that.

Another interesting question posed in tonight’s episode – how far would you be willing to go to save yourself? If your answer didn’t involve butchering a zombie and plastering their stinking guts all over your body, well then you might not make it in the world of the walking dead. Because that’s just what Rick and another survivor are forced to do in order to escape the stumbling horde outside. And let me tell ya, you know you’re watching some special kind of tv when there’s a scene where people chop up a dead rotting corpse and spread the gore all over themselves.

My favorite bits…

Lori taking off her necklace and wedding band before she and Shane got busy in the woods. Still very curious what made her leave Rick behind. Did she think he was dead already?

The fact that Glenn kept calling Rick a dumbass. LOL.

Rick handcuffing Dickson to the pipe on the roof and saying his name was “Officer Friendly”.

Glenn taking over the group and assigning everyone jobs. Smart dude.

T-Dogg suggesting to Dickson that the cure for his headache was to pull his head out of his ass. LOL!

Rick taking a moment to remember Dwayne, the man who was an organ donor before he became a walker.

This bit:
Glenn: “This is bad. This is really bad.”
Rick: “Think about something else…puppies and kittens”
T-Dogg: “Dead puppies and kittens.”
(Glenn hurls)

Breaking into a hysterical giggling fit when Rick picked up the axe and said “We need more guts”. Seriously, I couldn’t stop for like a whole minute. It was just so ……wrong.

Rick and the Glenn staggering through the streets doing their best zombie imitations. Overall, I give them both a 9.5 for their stumbling, but only a 6.5 for their moaning efforts.

Chewing on my fingers as the thunder came closer and realizing what that would mean to their “costumes”. Uh oh…

Watching that key slowly drop down the drain and for the first time starting to feel sorry for Dickson.

Totally cracking up at Glenn blasting that Challenger down the deserted highway. Oh man, I’d almost be willing to live through a zombie apocalypse to get the chance to do that. It looked like so much freaking fun.

Overall another great episode of The Walking Dead, even if it wasn’t as emotional as the first. Looks like Rick is going to find out that his wife and son are alive soon and I’m wondering if he’ll also find out that his best friend is now his wife’s lover.

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  • snail

    loved the organ donor bit… ^_^

  • Mokibobolink

    Yeah that was great. Very touching and I like that they keep acknowledging that the walkers actually used to be people. I have a feeling that’s going to become very important in the story at some point.

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