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Positively Positive Supernatural Review of “The Born-Again Identity” – Cas Returns!

by on Apr.18, 2012, under Supernatural

Well folks, it happened, it finally happened. After months of waiting, wishing and hoping, Supernatural brought back our beloved Castiel in tonight’s episode, called “The Born-Again Identity.”

Now I can finally stop holding my breath and let out everything I’ve been thinking about this episode ever since I was lucky enough to catch a screening of it at the CW yesterday. I didn’t want to leak spoilers but at the same time, I’m so happy I can finally share with everyone just exactly how this episode made me feel. And what can I say? This one blew me away. Every actor brought their A-game to the table and there wasn’t an idle performance in the bunch. From Sam’s pain, Dean’s determination, Castiel’s initial confusion to eventual guilt, and even Lucifer’s hilarity – I enjoyed the heck out of everything that every single character did.

Sam gets himself admitted to a mental hospital after Lucifer takes him for a ride that leads to Sam getting hit by a car. Then Dean does the same thing Sam did in ‘Faith’ – he starts calling anyone and everyone to find Sam help, and what he finds is a healer named Emmanuel. Turns out Emmanuel is none other than Castiel, still with his angel powers but devoid of all his memories.

I felt bad for every character in this one. Sam of course with his torture (although it was really hard not to sometimes laugh at Luci’s antics) was hard to watch, as was Dean when he found Cas but had to hide the truth from him in order to try and save his brother.

And then there was Cas. Now we all know that Cas hurt Sam and as much as I love my angel, I didn’t take that lightly. But I don’t think there is anything he could have done to make it better; that would have been more fitting than pulling Sam’s nightmares into himself. With one touch he healed Sam and also brought on a punishment for all of his crimes. It made me proud even as it broke my heart. I know that Cas will have to be fixed someday, but right now I have no clue how Sam and Dean are going to do it.

But thanks to Cas, Sam and Dean can work together and hopefully now we’ll start to see them working their way out of the hole that has been getting deeper and deeper this season. Maybe now that Sam is whole again they can figure out how to beat the leviathans and maybe, just maybe, make Cas whole again, too.

My favorite bits..

Poor Sammy. I HATE that ridiculous Good Morning song, too. Mean Luci.

Luci pointing out to Sam the good news that if Sam was normal, he’d be dead in a week. Leave it to Lucifer to find the bright side.

“Keep that sense of humor, Sam. It’ll get you through this.”

My heart breaking a little when Dean said “Screw Cas!”

So torn between heartbreak for Sam and hysterics over Lucifer. It’s not fair how funny he is.

Luci reading the medical book and commenting that he *could* have narcissistic personality disorder. Haha! Ya think?

The journal “magically” ending up on the floor. Oh Bobby, please let that be you.

Luci comparing Sam’s locked room to the cage. Ouch.

Ugh! And another scene with food I’ll never be able to watch on this again.

Lucifer breaking out the bullhorn. That is beyond cruel. Every time Sam flinched, I did too…and yes, I did laugh a little. Dang that Luci.

Is it wrong to admit that I totally recognized that ass immediately? Just sayin’.

Check out all of my favorite bits and the rest of my TV Equals review HERE.

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Positively Positive Review of Supernatural “Party on Garth” – A Welcome Surprise Ending!

by on Apr.18, 2012, under Supernatural

Once again Supernatural has taken an episode, steered it in one direction for 59 minutes and then done a complete 180 in a new direction for the last minute. In tonight’s “Party On, Garth” I got pretty much what I expected for most of it – a fun episode that offset the drama from last week. Sure, we touched on what happened to Cas (and I have no doubt that we will see plenty more of him, so it didn’t bother me at all that all we got was a mention) and even hinted a bit about Bobby. But we’ll get back to that in a minute.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I decided to get in the spirit of this episode and imbibed a little bit myself. I drank shot for shot with the boys and boy am I feeling it. I mean whoa, that chocolate shake is gonna hit me hard in the morning. The boys (and by boys I mean Sam, Dean and Garth) were on the hunt for a ghost that you can only see when you are drunk, which is actually pretty ingenious when you think about it. After all, no one’s gonna believe it when somebody who’s snockered says they see a monster, so it’s the perfect disguise.

And now we get back to the Bobby thing. We’ve all seen the hints ever since he died and it turns out the boys haven’t missed them either. Heck, even Garth was thinking that Bobby was haunting them, but when Dean practically begs his old friend to show himself, he gets bupkiss.

Then it happens, finally, FINALLY we see what we’ve all been waiting for….Bobby standing in the room right there with Dean, calling him an idjit and saying “balls!” just like he always did. And now we’re left wondering why the boys can’t see or hear him. What is it that has kept them from knowing for sure that he was there? And with Bobby “back”, does that mean the boys will finally have the answers they need about the Leviathans? Will they be able to beat the big bads after all? So many questions. Let’s just say that April 20 cannot come fast enough.

On a final note, can we talk for a second about how well this secret was kept? I had no clue and I consider myself pretty well-informed about this show. I mean, I often know things that are top secret and have to wait for them to be announced before I can say anything. But this one was kept tucked away under Bobby’s trucker hat. Nicely done, show. Nicely done.

My favorite bits..

Okay all together now.. EEEW!

LOL! Now there’s a song I never thought I’d hear on this show. Bell Biv DeVoe’s ‘Poison’? Hell yeah! Party on, Garth!

“You’ve been Garthed.”

Dean calling Meg to check in on Cas. Awww!

Not being at all surprised that Sam was guilty that Cas took on his crazy. That’s so like him.

The look on Dean’s face when Garth said he looks good in a uniform. Haha!

An invisible ghost werewolf? I know that’s not what it is, but how freaking awesome would that be?

“Is that a stripper or a beverage?”

Dean assuring Sam that Garth grows on ya. Haha!

Read the all of my favorite bits and the rest of my TV Equals Review HERE.

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