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Positively Positive Review – NCIS: Los Angeles – LD50

by on Feb.03, 2010, under Crime, Drama, Television


The first episode after Dom’s disappearance has the team dealing with a new case that puts the entire city in danger of contracting botulism. After so much drama in last week’s episode it was nice to see them get back to the action and humor without it seeming too soon or contrived. But we did get to see that they are still struggling to move on as Sam is reluctant to choose a new teammate.


Gotta say it was nice to see that the reality tv show host who showed some humanity by being uncomfortable surrounded by the bodies in the opening scene. A part of me was expecting him to demand close-ups.

Sam’s little snide remarks as he tried to escape Hetty and her insistence that he pick a new team mate.

Noting that this NCIS team wears black gloves. Nice way to differentiate this team from the original NCIS team. Besides…they’re way cooler.

Callen able to tell that Kensi was snarfing on a breakfast burrito through the phone.

I can never say it enough – I always like seeing Sam pull up in that Charger.

Watching Nate do the interview with Esther. I like that they’re giving him more to do than just sitting around and commenting while other people do the interviews.

Eric saying that the housewives of Beverly Hills should be classified as chemical weapons. LOL!

Hetty calling Callen a “pain in the asset” before she stuck a tongue depressor down his throat.

Sam telling Callen “if she puts on the rubber gloves, run!” before he goes to see Hetty – LOL!

Callen’s whole “glass” theory for everyone on the team.

Callen referring to Sam as “big guy” – I don’t know if he’s ever done it before but he did it twice in this ep, pretty funny/cute.

Nate catching the suspect in a lie. Nicely done.

Callen and Sam asking which half of LA would die if the toxin got released.

The tricked-out briefcase that Hetty gave Sam to use undercover.

Callen knowing Sam so well that he can predict him complaining ten seconds before it happens.

Sam able to give his team clues as to what was happening on the op…all while making small talk with the guy next to him.

Callen flying through the air to catch the bottle of toxin just in time…..then Sam flying through the air to throw him into the water and hit him with the antidote. So awesome!

Kensi telling Callen he has a better face for radio. LOL!

Trying to figure out what Callen was trying to say when he said he knew what Kensi would by with the money the mall wanted for the dead fish.

Callen tellin Hetty he’ll be sure to bring her the good tea “when the time comes”. Aw, so sweet.

Sam running around doing errands for Esther….while she still referred to him as “Steve”.

Overall a good follow up episode after the drama of last week.

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4 Comments for this entry

  • AZGirl

    Moki – did you recognize the reality show host? He was on Supernatural last season in ‘Metamorphosis’…

    Loved your highlights section! You always seem to pick out my fave bits. And, you’re definitely right that it was a good one after all the previous drama.

  • Mokibobolink

    THANK YOU! I’d been trying to figure out why he looked so familiar…

  • Ceebee

    I’m loving your highlights–your blog is the first thing I go to after I see an episode so I can read thru and say to myself “ya, that was sooo good!” Thanks so much for your reviews–I really look forward to them each week!

  • Mokibobolink

    You’re quite welcome. So happy that you’re enjoying the reviews. Thanks for dropping by! :)

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