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TV Episode Review/Recap – Royal Pains: Frenemies

by on Aug.06, 2010, under Comedy, Drama, Medical, Television

Evan and Paige go hunting in Royal Pains

In this episode of Royal Pains called “Frenemies”, the brothers each find a new love interest. I’m trying really hard to like Emily as she wasn’t exactly introduced to us as the nicest character. So the fact that Hank has fallen for her is a little hard to understand. But in this episode, we get to know her a little better and I’m happy that Hank has found someone, especially considering how awkward things have been for Jill. So I’m willing to give Emily a chance….for now.

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TV Episode Recap/Review – The Good Guys: Don’t Tase Me, Bro

by on Aug.03, 2010, under Action, Comedy, Crime, Television

Oh man, where do I begin? Last night’s episode of The Good Guys, called “Don’t Tase Me, Bro” had so much good stuff I don’t know what to talk about first. Plus, I’m finding it hard to decide which character I like more, Dan or Jack. On the one hand you have Dan’s over-the-top, every-line-that-comes-from-his-mouth-is-hilarious bit, then on the other you have Jack’s much more subtle but no less funny performance. It’s an impossible choice so I guess I’ll just say that I love them both equally, how’s that?

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TV Episode Recap/Review – The Good Guys: Hunches and Heists

by on Jul.20, 2010, under Action, Comedy, Crime, Television

Colin Hanks and Bradley Whitford in The Good Guys

In this week’s episode of The Good Guys, titled “Hunches and Heists”, there’s kind of two of everything. First there are the two hunches, Dan’s hunch and then finally (when Dan drags it out of him) Jack’s hunch. Then there are the two heists.

A guy that Dan put away years ago, who’s also known as the worst getaway driver in the business, is out of jail and the Feds think he’s going to be part of a bank robbery. Dan doesn’t believe it but when the guy’s daughter asks him to check up on her dad and make sure he’s not getting into trouble, he goes to see him. Meanwhile Dan and Jack are put on the case of a bunch of dry cleaning and (of course) it turns out that that everything is related.

Dan’s old friend is part of a heist, but not the real one, I mean well it’s a real one just not the really real one. Yeah I was kinda confused too. Didn’t stop me from enjoying the episode though.

My favorite bits…

Dan’s ability to simultaneously bug Jack and listen to the Lieutenant’s briefing at the same time.

Jack complaining that he not only has to look at Dan’s gut, he has to listen to it too.

Laughing my head off at the ridiculously close angle they gave us of Dan taking a whiz on the side of the building. Classy.

The fact that Dan never bothers to put on another shirt while his is undergoing “repairs” – even though he had no trouble wearing different jackets. The sight of him in the wifebeater cracked me up the entire episode.

Dan tossing back beers and going over the good old days, with the guy he threw in jail.

Once again, Dan doing something on the case that annoys the hell out of Jack, but somehow leads them to a clue. Case in point – going back to the dry cleaners to pick up his shirt leading to the fact that security guard uniforms have been stolen.

The guys trying to prevent a bank heist…….by inadvertently robbing it themselves.

Totally agreeing with what Dan said to Jack – “when you screw up, move on”. Sometimes that’s better than doing nothing but dwelling on the past. Huh, who knew that Dan could give out life advice?

Dan hollering at the waitress: “Darling! Box my meat!” – LOL!

The wrestling match/slap fight over the radio in the car.

Them playing ELO’s “Don’t Bring Me Down” as Walter raced Dan and Jack back over the exploding bridge to stop the other heist.

Jack finally going with his gut and taking them to the jewelry store. Yeah Jack!

Getting a kick out of Walter running into a fire hydrant, especially since I’d just watched another character do that on Lie To Me, which came on right before. Huh, same writers maybe?

Dan telling the Lieutenant that the guys from the other heist weren’t “Easter Bunny” fake, just regular fake.

The shootout in the cemetery ending in everyone dying. Fitting, no?

Jack going back into Liz’s office to “do something stupid and impulsive”, and kissing her……only to find out that her boyfriend asked her to move in with him. Oops.

Overall another hilarious turn from this series that I am still enjoying quite a bit.

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TV Episode Recap/Review – Royal Pains: In Vino Veritas

by on Jul.19, 2010, under Comedy, Drama, Medical, Television

Henry Winkler and Mark Feuerstein in Royal Pains - In Vino Veritas

In this week’s episode of Royal Pains, titled “In Vino Veritas” (which, according to Wikipedia means “in wine there is the truth”) Hank once again comes to the rescue of a patient, but this time with the help of his father. One of Tucker’s friends is suffering from what at first appears to be drugs, but when the kid falls into a toxic vat, they realize it’s actually a rare disease and only Eddie is around to help get both boys out safely.

I love Henry Winkler but I gotta admit that I haven’t liked Eddie so far this season. It’s probably because I love Hank and since Hank was mad at his father, so was I. Yeah it’s immature but that’s how I felt. In this episode, we got to see a little bit more about their past and though some of it wasn’t pretty, Hank realizes that it’s not as bad as he originally thought either.

In the meantime, Divya has patient of her own. A woman who seems to have a fairly serious condition, but turns out to only be pregnant.

My favorite bits…

Evan telling his dad that he “didn’t need to sleep anyway” after his father described his sex life to him.

Aw, so cute! Love the pic of little Hank and little Evan…..but poor Evan for realizing that the pic was his dad’s way of trying to get on Hank’s good side.

There being no doubt that something was up with Oliver when he slept through Hank poking a needle into his big toe. Ouchies.

Trying to decide whether I was worried or excited when Divya and Jill were worried that Jill was pregnant. On the one hand, the idea of a little Hank running around was too cute but then again, it’s WAY too soon in the show for that sort of drama. LOL.

Evan spotting Divya buying the pregnancy test and in true sitcom style, assumes she’s pregnant, tells Hank and then proceeds to treat her extra nice. Classic.

Yet another awkward meet-up between Hank and Jill. Man, they sure are torturing us with the “will they/won’t they (again)?” question aren’t they?

Evan discovering that he has a real, live super power – super taste buds. LOL.

The way Hank said “Oh please, call me Hank” to his father. Ouch, still a lot of pain there, as evidenced by the memory of how Hank had to face a scary dog to help his father break his car out of an impound lot.

Evan’s crazy assumption that first Divya was pregnant and then that Jill was pregnant….actually helping Divya to figure out who actually was pregnant – her patient.

Seeing that though Hank is definitely the cleverer one, his dad is no slouch either. I loved it when they both realized “pulley!” at the same time and then how they worked as a team on the rope. I also loved the flashback to little Hank getting the keys at the impound.

The look of pure joy on Eddie’s face when said “Dad! I need you!”. Aw, so sweet.

Being both impressed and a little creeped out by the procedure Hank performed on Oliver. I have no idea what he did exactly, but it was freaking brilliant.

Evan telling the soon-to-be mom “Whoa that’s weird, the kid’s already leaching on your life force….in a good way though.”

Evan telling Divya that he doesn’t know if Hank and he can keep going without her….but his expression when she wasn’t looking made me wonder if it was more than just HankMed he was worried about.

Really digging that orange t-shirt Hank was wearing while working the bbq.

Finding out that Tucker’s inheritance drama wasn’t that he got cut off, instead he was put in charge of the fortune and his father’s allowance. Whoa, interesting.

All the crazy ways that Hank tried to prove that Evan couldn’t see through his blindfold (not only waving in front of his face but throwing some mock punches too).

Hank admitting to Evan that the day of the “treasure hunt” really was an adventure and the last flashback showing when the pic was taken.

Overall a pretty sweet episode where an emergency may have helped bring Hank and his father closer together again.

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TV Episode Review – Royal Pains: Medusa

by on Jun.28, 2010, under Comedy, Drama, Medical, Television

Royal Pains Medusa

In this episode of Royal Pains, titled ‘Medusa’, Hank and Evan join Boris at his “winter home” in Cuba. It’s not a vacation though as Hank is there to help Boris with a possible cure for his illness. In the meantime, Evan has some adventures of his own as he explores the island alone and poor Divya is back at home dealing with Hank’s replacement.

In the end everything seems all fine and dandy, up until Evan is kidnapped while on his way to the plane. So I guess that means Hank will have to stay and help get his brother out of the mess next week.

My favorite bits…

Evan getting Hank to give up his old bag by relentlessly unpacking it. I could totally see those two doing something like that when they were kids and I’m guessing that Evan won a lot of those battles.

Hank knowing without turning around that Evan was making a celebratory arm motion behind him.

Boris finally getting a diagnosis for what he has and brining Hank all the way to Cuba to help him with the workup.

Evan being sad that he couldn’t explore with his brother. Aw, so sweet. Then again, he seemed to get over it really fast – just as soon as he had a pretty girl to explore with.

Definitely sensing something between Boris and his geneticist. Funny that she seems to automatically hate Hank, though I’m not sure why. Jealousy over Boris’ attention perhaps?

Divya’s obvious dislike for the uppity attitude of Hank’s temporary replacement.

Hank having to treat Evan without the benefit of a suture kit and using braids in his hair to close up his head. It’s always fun to watch him come up with ways to treat people under unusual circumstances but it was even cooler to have him do it on his own brother.

Finding out that the boxes of antibiotics that arrived at Boris’ house were in fact for a clinic in Cuba.

Evan and the guy selling the cigars making ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ references while haggling.

Knowing as soon as Boris told Hank that his plan to wait on starting the protocol was “thorough and reasonable” that he was gonna go ahead and start it on his own.

Evan thinking that he has to talk Hank into enjoying their last night in Cuba, when Hank has already been flirting with the pretty bartender.

Poor Hank not getting a chance to enjoy his even as a girl sick girl is brought to him after getting some plastic surgery.

Being completely turned on by Hank speaking Spanish. Wow, who knew he was hiding that talent?

Evan and Mindy’s “vacationship”. LOL, love that term.

Hank sticking with his guns and refusing to help with a treatment that he doesn’t support.

Divya tearing up Dr. Peck’s card and giving her a piece of her mind. Yeah! Go Divya!

Evan getting kidnapped?? What??

Overall a fun episode that ended with a bit of action and set us up nicely for next week’s episode.

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