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Positively Positive NCIS Review “The Missionary Position” – Meeting Ziva’s Mentor, Plus Palmer Picks His Best Man

by on Apr.18, 2012, under NCIS

This episode of NCIS (with the rather naughty sounding title “The Missionary Position”) has the team on the case of a missing, you guessed it, missionary. The case leads the team in some pretty interesting directions, not only to things like the CIA running a secret mission to use free vaccinations as a way to get DNA samples of families part of drug cartels, but also to an old friend and mentor of Ziva’s.

As the case runs its course, we see Gibbs and Ryan’s relationship getting tested as they both continue to do their jobs the way they always would, but find things much stickier now that they are sort of getting in each other’s way. I liked that though they had their little spats, in the end they left it in the Navy Yard and ended up snuggling on the couch. I take that as a good sign that this relationship could be a strong one. I even predict that Gibbs will meet her son at some point in the future.

Meanwhile Palmer’s wedding is getting closer and after deciding to go with a kitschy theme, he just has to pick his best man. I’ll admit I thought he should pick Tony at first, seeing as how those two had an established friendship, but I love that he picked Abby. I think she’s going to make an awesome Best Woman and I can’t wait to see this wedding.

My favorite bits..

Cracking up at the way the guy said “Seriously??” when the chick wanted to move because of bad energy.

“Holy full frontal, autopsy gremlin. Are you about to flash us your Magic Johnson?”

Oooh..and now we know why Gibbs didn’t want the team to pick him up.

“The sun is so pretty in that room.” “Somebody else used to say that.” – So sweet, but that hurt my heart a little.

Sam making Gibbs giggle with her “mayday, mayday” – Awww!

“Practice makes perfect.” – Whoa! Naughty, naughty. Love it.

Ducky comparing planning Palmer’s bachelor party to getting root canal. Youch.

Oh dear, did Palmer just go for the “fungus among us” joke?

I’m with Tony, how can Palmer be considering anyone else as best man?

Gibbs telling Abby she was making too much yabba yabba. Haha! Guess it’s not just Tony, then.

“We work like peas in a poke, like yogurt and garlic.” – Haha! Another great Ziva-ism.

“This looks like fun, I haven’t done this since the 80′s.” there’s something we’ve never seen Gibbs do in that elevator before.

One room, two girls and Tony? Oh boy, this is probably not gonna go well.

“How do you concentrate, Ziva? With so many handsome men around?” – I’ve often wondered that myself.

Manny + Gibbs + trash can lid = Ouchie.

Is it just me or is Gibbs smiling and laughing a lot more recently? I think Dr. Ryan is good for him.

“Do you think they know we’re here?” – Naaaaahhhhh.

Gibbs having to keep his team from turning on each other, from a few thousand miles away. Not an easy task.

“Take it from me, I carry a lot.”

Palmer asking Abby to be his Best Woman. Sounds like she’s got some great ideas for a bachelor party. LOL.

Check out all of my favorite bits and the rest of of my TV Equals review HERE.

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Positively Positive NCIS Review “Rekindled” – Another Look Into Tony’s Past

by on Apr.18, 2012, under NCIS

In tonight’s episode of NCIS, called “Rekindled”, Tony meets up with a young man from his past. The team is brought in on a case of a man found burned to death and the arson investigator for Baltimore PD is Jason King, who Tony saved from a fire twenty years before.

NCIS comes on board when they discover that the victim was a member of a Black Ops unit called The Phantom 8 and also the third member of the group murdered in the last year. He was tortured, apparently for Navy secrets – secrets that could cost a lot of lives. Turns out faulty wiring was put on a lot of Navy ships and someone out there knows just how to take advantage of that weakness to start fires.

When I first heard about this episode, I knew that Tony was going to reunite with a kid that he saved from a fire. What I didn’t know was that Tony was practically just a kid himself when he did it; just a college guy out for a walk to clear his head before a game. I also didn’t know that though Tony managed to save Jason, he also had to make a choice that no person should ever have to make – choosing to save one life over another when he decided that he couldn’t save Jason and his little sister as well. Though Jason doesn’t want to hear it, Tony does manage to get the message across to Jason that he had to do what he did, he had to choose, or they all would have died.

The other part I didn’t know about the story was the fact that that night was the first time Tony felt like he did something to make a real difference and it was the catalyst that made him decide to become a cop. I have to admit that I always did wonder what it was that made him take that route, though I guess a part of me just assumed it was some sort of rebellious act against his father. The truth is sadder and yet speaks to the man that Tony is today, a guy who’s always somehow blaming himself when the people around him get hurt; probably forever looking for a way to save that life that he couldn’t.

Judging by the ending, this storyline is far from over and I’m assuming that it will carry through until the end of the season. I also wonder if we’ll find out more about Tony as well but even if we don’t, I am so glad we got yet another piece to the puzzle that is DiNozzo.

My favorite bits..

“One more word about your boots and you’re going to find mine up your ass, DiNozzo.”

“You’ve been through puberty? I hadn’t noticed.”

“What is it with chicks and firemen?…..and don’t say hoses.” – Dangit, he took the joke right out of my mouth.

Gibbs reminding McGee not to assume anything.

McGee and Ziva in those lab coats and goggles.

The guy at the lab immediately assuming that McGee was into dorky role-playing games. Gee, I wonder whatever gave him that idea?

Gibbs asking Abby if the guys on Mythbusters were pyromaniacs. Haha! Well, that’s one way to describe them. I did love seeing two of my favorite shows collide.

Finding Billy’s love and fascination for fire just a wee bit creepy.

Abby giving Jason a hug as soon as she found out he was in a fire when he was a kid.

Jason throwing Tony out of the way to save his life, and making them even.

“I don’t know, sounds like a bunch of geek speak to me.” – Ha! Nicely done, McGee.

Check out all of my favorite bits and the rest of my TV Equals review HERE.

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TV Episode Recap/Review – NCIS “Cracked”

by on Oct.27, 2010, under Crime, Drama, Television

NCIS “Cracked” Season 8 Episode 6 – In this episode, Abby becomes fascinated by the body of a young lieutenant who ran in front of a bus and was killed instantly. The woman’s body is covered in a secret code that only she can understand and Abby soon loses herself while trying to crack it. When Ducky discovers that the poor girl was being slowly poisoned, the whole team goes on the lookout for who was involved in her death.

Pauley absolutely shined in this episode and I loved how she played Abby slowly losing her own identity as she started to take on the one of the woman who died. Makes me wish we’d get more Abby-centric episodes on the show.

My favorite bits…..

Tony having a very naughty phone conversation with his girlfriend…..Ethel?

Tony calling McGee “McTween” – LOL!

This bit:
Tony: “I think Ethel and I really have something.”
McGee: “Well they have antibiotics for that.”

Ziva being confused about what kind of role playing Tony was talking about.

Tony reassuring Gibbs that he would be able to pull off wearing a leotard.

Palmer once again finding the exact inappropriate thing to say in front of a dead body.

Ducky being able to figure out exactly how fast the bus was going just by looking at the body. Nice.

Abby’s “Holy Mother of Einstein!”. Oh I am so gonna be using that one now.

(continue reading…)

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TV Episode Recap/Review – NCIS “Dead Air”

by on Oct.20, 2010, under Crime, Drama

Okay so I’ve decided to start putting full reviews up here of the shows I also review at Daemon’s TV. I usually end up cutting a LOT of stuff in order to keep to my word limit up there and it seems a shame to let all of that go to waste. So now you’ll find the extended versions of my reviews up here on this blog.

First up, my review for NCIS Season 8 Episode 5 “Dead Air”

In this episode the team is put on the case of a naval officer and a radio DJ who are shot to death while on the air. It looks like the DJ was the target when they find out that he was being heavily recruited by a homegrown militia group working out of a suburban neighborhood. The group was looking to buy a bomb so that they could blow up a communications tower at Norfolk. Ziva goes undercover as a fake arms dealer willing to sell the fuse they need to activate the bomb and when Gibbs and the team discover the man behind the purchase, they think they’ve got their killer. But though he joined the group after his wife was killed, this newly single dad didn’t commit the murder. It was another member of the group and even when they catch that guy, their job STILL isn’t done because they find out that yet another member of the group has the device. He plans to set it off at a girl’s baseball game, hoping to take out the high end government people who will be in attendance watching their daughters play. In true Team Gibbs style they arrive just in the nick of time to get everyone away before the thing goes off.

Meanwhile Tony is in trouble when interviewing a bunch of people in order to get a voice match for a suspect, leaves him without a voice of his own. Ordered to not speak for at least 24 hours, no one thinks he can survive that long without making at least one movie reference.

Before I get to my favorite bits, I have a least favorite bit to mention first…

The national weather service coming on the air with a storm warning and blocking me from hearing the first three minutes of the episode, starting right when Tony and McGee got off the elevator. Very odd for Southern Califoirnia, lemme tell ya. So now I have no idea what “dream” McGee was talking about. Boo. *sadface*

We now return to our regularly scheduled favorite bits…

Gibbs asking McGee if there was an app for doing his job. LOL.

Tony saying he once thought about going into sportscasting. You know, I could totally see him doing that.

(continue reading…)

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TV Episode Recap/Review – NCIS “Royals and Loyals”

by on Oct.20, 2010, under Crime, Drama

Here is an excerpt of my review for NCIS Season 8 Episode 4 “Royals and Loyals”.

CLICK HERE to read the entire review at Daemon’s TV.

My favorite bits…

Ziva getting McGee to install a new security system and it catching Tony trying to sneak into her email.

McGee ducking Tony’s headslap and Tony getting headslapped from Gibbs at the same time. That was a slick move.

Palmer and Tony giggling over an I Love Lucy episode while getting ready to pull a body out of the water. What’s inappropriate about that?

Gibbs stopping Tony and Ziva’s protests about working together by saying he’d rather be fishing and to just do it.

Palmer slicing into the lung and telling Gibbs he was making a lung sandwich. I know it’s wrong and kinda sick, but I totally giggled at that.

Gibbs having to yank Abby out from under table and help her with a bad charlie horse after she tried to make like a circus performer.

Tony pointing out to Ziva if he’d paid a dollar every time he apologized for being him, he’d be loaded. You know, I don’t doubt that at all.

Gibbs going from being nice to not-so-nice to the British officer in about a half a second.

Gibbs correcting the officer and telling him he was more like Gary Cooper than John Wayne.

Vance calling the SecNav before the Gibbs and Malloy before the two of them “got into a saber duel in the parking lot”. Aw man, I kinda wanted to see that. Maybe he should have let them have at it.

Malloy saying he wasn’t going to hold the fact that McGee was an Irishman against him. As an Irish girl myself, I appreciated that.

Vance assigning Ziva to be the Switzerland between Gibbs and Malloy.

The way Gibbs said “dinero”.

Tony telling Ziva that he was watching the pheromones ooze from her body.

Tony mentioning Bond, as in James Bond, and Ziva saying she wasn’t into bondage.

Ziva asking Malloy for permission for a “quickie” (as in search) before the ship left. LOL, naughty.

Gibbs brandishing the wrench and saying “there’s no such thing as luck” when Tony said it was lucky the ship had to be delayed due to problems. Oh Gibbs, you clever man you.

Abby accusing Gibbs of taking a bite out of the crabby apple tree.

Malloy showing up in Gibbs’ living room. Seems like everyone has his address these days.

Gibbs telling Malloy that he had ten seconds before he “accidentally” shot him for trespassing.

Tony and Malloy getting into a discussion about some great British actors.

Gibbs giving Abby a bear hug after she found out about the pollen connection. I especially enjoyed the extra growl he gave when he did it. So sweet!

Tony joking that he’d warn Ziva’s new beau to “be careful” and “handle with care” before settling on the sweeter “contents priceless”.

Tony not being able to help himself and attempting to break into Ziva’s email again, setting off all kinds of alarms. Who wants to bet that he’ll still try it again? He’s like a little puppy. LOL.

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