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Positively Positive Review of Supernatural “Party on Garth” – A Welcome Surprise Ending!

by on Apr.18, 2012, under Supernatural

Once again Supernatural has taken an episode, steered it in one direction for 59 minutes and then done a complete 180 in a new direction for the last minute. In tonight’s “Party On, Garth” I got pretty much what I expected for most of it – a fun episode that offset the drama from last week. Sure, we touched on what happened to Cas (and I have no doubt that we will see plenty more of him, so it didn’t bother me at all that all we got was a mention) and even hinted a bit about Bobby. But we’ll get back to that in a minute.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I decided to get in the spirit of this episode and imbibed a little bit myself. I drank shot for shot with the boys and boy am I feeling it. I mean whoa, that chocolate shake is gonna hit me hard in the morning. The boys (and by boys I mean Sam, Dean and Garth) were on the hunt for a ghost that you can only see when you are drunk, which is actually pretty ingenious when you think about it. After all, no one’s gonna believe it when somebody who’s snockered says they see a monster, so it’s the perfect disguise.

And now we get back to the Bobby thing. We’ve all seen the hints ever since he died and it turns out the boys haven’t missed them either. Heck, even Garth was thinking that Bobby was haunting them, but when Dean practically begs his old friend to show himself, he gets bupkiss.

Then it happens, finally, FINALLY we see what we’ve all been waiting for….Bobby standing in the room right there with Dean, calling him an idjit and saying “balls!” just like he always did. And now we’re left wondering why the boys can’t see or hear him. What is it that has kept them from knowing for sure that he was there? And with Bobby “back”, does that mean the boys will finally have the answers they need about the Leviathans? Will they be able to beat the big bads after all? So many questions. Let’s just say that April 20 cannot come fast enough.

On a final note, can we talk for a second about how well this secret was kept? I had no clue and I consider myself pretty well-informed about this show. I mean, I often know things that are top secret and have to wait for them to be announced before I can say anything. But this one was kept tucked away under Bobby’s trucker hat. Nicely done, show. Nicely done.

My favorite bits..

Okay all together now.. EEEW!

LOL! Now there’s a song I never thought I’d hear on this show. Bell Biv DeVoe’s ‘Poison’? Hell yeah! Party on, Garth!

“You’ve been Garthed.”

Dean calling Meg to check in on Cas. Awww!

Not being at all surprised that Sam was guilty that Cas took on his crazy. That’s so like him.

The look on Dean’s face when Garth said he looks good in a uniform. Haha!

An invisible ghost werewolf? I know that’s not what it is, but how freaking awesome would that be?

“Is that a stripper or a beverage?”

Dean assuring Sam that Garth grows on ya. Haha!

Read the all of my favorite bits and the rest of my TV Equals Review HERE.

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Where in the World is Mokibobolink?

by on Mar.06, 2011, under News

Hi folks!

As some of you undoubtedly know, while in the midst of my blogging adventure up here on this site, I got a great opportunity to start writing for another site called Daemon’s TV.

Needless to say, I LOVE writing about the entertainment industry and doing articles about everything from television, movies and books, to posting videos and pics, as well as doing tons of reviews of my favorite TV shows – like NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Supernatural, Hawaii Five-0, Castle, Justified, White Collar, Blue Bloods, The Mentalist and many more!

I’ve decided that I’m going to continue writing for them full time, so if you’d like to check out my work come on over and see what I’m doing over there. Feel free to drop by and sound off in the comments of any of my posts as I’d love to hear from you guys and enjoy nothing more than sparking up a great discussion (whether it’s of the “heated” variety or not).

Read all my posts at Daemons’s TV Here.

Read all my posts at Daemon’s Movies Here.

Read all my posts at Daemon’s Books Here.

I do plan to return to this blog as soon as I can devote more time to it, so have no fear, you will heard from The Positively Positive again. Until then, I hope you’ll come check out my new adventures in writing.

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TV Episode Recap/Review – The Walking Dead “TS-19”

by on Dec.05, 2010, under Drama, Horror

Well I guess I should be happy that at least they didn’t leave us hanging at the end of this season. I thought for a minute there the credits were going to roll with the entire group shut inside that building and we were going to be left wondering whether they got out or not. Then again, since they shot the first season without knowing if there would be second season, I guess it makes sense that they gave it as much closure as they could.

The group thought that they’d found their salvation at the end of last week’s episode and they even got a taste of normalcy for a little bit. Hot showers, a couple nice meals and even some good wine were had by all. Some went a little overboard with the liquor though and we saw that not all demons had left been outside those locked doors, some inner demons came along for the ride. Both Rick and Shane had moments of weakness while under the influence – Rick admitting how scared he’d been all along and Shane showing how much he still wants Lori.

They also were treated to a viewing of what happens when someone is infected, proving that there’s nothing left of the person when they rise. Plus they found out that the entire world had been infected, leaving all hope of “rescue”.

Overall I really enjoyed this episode, but much like I suspected last week, I’m now very sorry that we won’t see season two for a long while. I’m dying to see what happens next with our ragtag group and how they’re going to continue to survive after fighting so hard for the chance to do so. Rick is bound to find out what happened between Shane and Lori, which is sure to test their friendship to the limits, if not kill it altogether.

My favorite bits……

Finally getting to see what happened at the hospital when Shane left Rick. It was very touching to see him trying to carry his friend out before he realized the machines were attached and he might need them.

Rick telling Jenner all they were looking for was a chance.

Jenner joking with Carl in the elevator.

Cracking up at Carl’s reaction to tasting the wine. It was kinda like mine the first time I tried it.

Glenn calling Shane a buzzkill. He was totally right, too.

The dichotomy of seeing Rick and Lori sharing their shower while poor Shane was sharing his with a bottle of booze.

Rick getting drunk enough to admit to Jenner just how scared he’d been.

Shane’s attempt to explain to Lori why he thought Rick had been dead when he left and seeing how much he still wants her.

Carl asking Rick if he was hung over and Glenn begging everyone to never let him drink that much again. LOL.

The little girl asking if what was happening on screen was what happened to Jim.

Getting to see the entire process from death to walker on a screen.

The group finding out that the whole place was going to destroy itself in less than an hour.

The computer’s calm description of the destruction that was coming.

Jenner using Rick’s words against him and telling everyone about what he’d admitted the night before.

Jenner calling what was about to happen their “extinction event”.

Finding out that I was right when I figured that Jenner’s wife was Test Subject 19.

Wondering what the hell Jenner whispered in Rick’s ear.

Rick’s “ooohhhh…..shhhhh….” as he ran away from the grenade.

Dale telling Andrea that she didn’t just get to make her way into someone’s life, make them care, and step out.

Dale and Andrea coming out of the building just in time.

Jenner and Jacqui holding hands as the clock counted down.

The caravan driving off away from the destroyed building.

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Four Most Underrated TV Shows This Fall

by on Dec.01, 2010, under Action, Comedy-drama, Drama

Hi folks! Here’s another guest post and since it includes some of my favorite tv shows this fall, I thought y’all would enjoy it too. :)

Four Most Underrated TV Shows This Fall
a guest post by Kyle Tesori

The popularity of some television shows is a given each fall; if it is part of the Law and Order franchise, it’s practically a guaranteed hit, and any crime scene show seems to become a darling of the viewing public. But there are plenty of other shows that have to stand on their own, and there are always a few shows that don’t get an instant audience and languish for a while before being “discovered.”

In the fall of 2010, there were a few new shows and some returning series that didn’t pick up a wide viewing audience, but remained on the network because they are excellent programs and have a loyal, but relatively small, following.

Here are my four picks for the most underrated TV shows this fall:

Rubicon (AMC)

The tag line for Rubicon, “Not every conspiracy is a theory”, is a dead giveaway that you’re in for a rollercoaster ride of confusion, tension, and suspicion. Rubicon is complex and intelligent. It assumes the audience is just as intelligent and leaves you guessing or scratching your head at each twist, but rather than going for the outlandish (think Lost), Rubicon is staying squarely in the area of what is plausible. The result is a taut thriller that moves at breakneck speed. If you’ve missed the early episodes, you need to download and watch them otherwise you’ll constantly be trying to get up to speed, instead of enjoying the ride.

Terriers (FX)

This is television that’s pitched to the “man” in all of us. Hank is a former policeman who’s a bit down and out after he botched an investigation and lost his job. Joining forces with his closest friend, Britt, they set up shop as private investigators. You’d be wrong if you thought this sounds like a re-hash of old buddy shows. It’s that same comedy-drama genre, but it’s bold, fresh and innovative.

We’ve all known someone like Hank, who seems like a lovable loser on the surface but has an iron clad code of conduct and sense of what’s really right and wrong that’s just off base enough to keep you guessing. His bad luck and working class roots hide a quiet sense of joy that’s all the more refreshing when it surfaces because it’s such a surprise. No need to feel sorry for Hank – he’s embracing life in all its darkness and still coming out with cock-eyed optimism. All of the characters are rough around the edges and a bit scruffy, but their relative levels of maturity evolve with every episode. A few doses Terriers and you’ll be wishing you had a Hank in your corner, in real life.

White Collar (USA)

Matt Bomer, as Neal Caffery, is a charming former conman who now consults with the FBI. It’s a stylishly filmed, debonair version of Hollywood caper movies with a dramatic underside. While Bomer is at his sexy best as pure eye candy, he also reveals glimpses of his character’s quieter side when he is observing the enviable marriage of his partner, Peter Burke. The real pay-off, however, is the wonderful camaraderie between Burke and Neal, who have become friends despite equal doses of suspicion and rivalry as they solve complex cases. Let’s face it, it’s refreshing to watch a show where the FBI is capable yet fallible. The human element and small, comedic gems in the dialogue set White Collar’s foundation as an entertaining and compelling television program. When it returns this January, be sure you tune in.

Sons of Anarchy (FX)

Sons of Anarchy is going into its third season because of a small, devoted audience that keeps coming back to this biker drama. On the surface, it’s about the criminal enterprises and many confrontations of a gang of bikers, but it’s what lies beneath has the power to astound. The central theme is more about the emotional ties of family, in whatever form you find it, than about the rules and regulations of the biker lifestyle.

Katie Seagal is a revelation as Gemma, the wife of gang leader, Clay Morrow, played with dark hubris by Ron Perlman. She’s a brooding mother hen to the entire gang while revealing she may be the most brutal member of Samcro (the legal name for the gang’s many business enterprises). This show is filled with surprising moments, as you follow the gang from midnight raids on enemy territory, to warm family reunions, to board meetings to discuss Samcro’s next business enterprise. These aren’t anybody’s cast-offs; the Sons of Anarchy are the new, American mobsters and just as concerned with loyalty and what’s right within the family as any Corleone could hope.

Do you agree with my picks? If not, what do you think were the most underrated TV shows this season?

About the Author
Kyle Tesori is a freelance writer for Direct Sat TV . Direct Sat TV is an authorized retailer of Direct TV. Named the 2007 Direct TV dealer of the year, Direct Sat TV continues to provide excellent customer service by providing customers with the best offers available and helping them chose the perfect system for their needs.

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TV Episode Recap/Review – The Walking Dead “Wildfire”

by on Nov.28, 2010, under Drama, Horror

We learned a few things in this episode. First off, people who get bit by walkers get the sickness, whether they survive the bite or not. I was really curious as to how that all worked so I liked getting that part cleared up. We also learned that there is at least one man left in the world who just might have the knowledge to beat the disease.

From the beginning, this show has given us everything that a zombie movie just can’t. There’s no way to delve that far into the people who are struggling to survive a zombie apocalypse in the space of two hours. This week we saw how the survivors fight tooth and nail to hold on to what little is left of their humanity. One way to do that is to simply be humane. Rick showed us that when he took the time to put down walkers even when it meant he was drawing attention to himself with the noise. This time he and the rest of the group do it when they risk all of their lives to try and save one man who’s been bit. They even showed it when they left him on the side of the road at his request, with what little dignity they could give him. They also showed it by refusing to burn their dead and buried them instead. They may have had to smash their skulls in first, but at least they weren’t burned like the other walkers. Again, it’s the little things that keep you human in a world like theirs and I find it moving to see each bit that they wrestle to hang onto.

Only one more episode to go and I doubt we’re going to get much in the way of closure, but I’m hoping for at least a little to help us hold out until next Halloween (which is when I’ve heard the next will most likely premiere).

My favorite bits…..

Rick’s radio call to Morgan.

Andrea pulling a gun on Rick to keep him away from Amy.

Glenn demanding that their people don’t get burned, they get buried.

Jim’s “I’m okay….I’m okay…” making me want to cry.

Rick pointing his gun at Daryl and telling him they didn’t kill the living. Yes it was interesting to say that while pointing a gun at another man’s head but Rick still has to establish some rules.

The wife taking a pick axe to her husband’s head. Her anger made me wonder if she was mad at him for treating her badly while he was alive or at the fact that he died and left her. Either way, it was both disgusting and extremely sad…..two emotions this show is very good at mixing together I’ve noticed.

Andrea apologizing to Amy before putting a bullet through her head, after waiting for her to wake up so she could say what she didn’t get a chance to say while Amy was alive. Wow….just, wow. That tore me apart.

Jim’s bite making him feverishly see walkers.

Rick coming out just in time to ask Shane what habits he was talking about breaking. Oh man.

Shane trying to make Rick feel guilty for taking care of his family for him. Really Shane, really? I think that debt was repaid the moment you had sex with his wife.

Complete and total shock when Shane actually thought about taking out Rick when he had him in the sights of his rifle, before getting caught by Dale.

The fact that Shane and Rick didn’t hesitate or even need to discuss it when they gave a gun and ammunition to the family who decided to strike out on their own. I felt that showed what good friends they had been, to think that much alike.

Actually crying this time when Jim refused the gun from Rick and kept telling everyone “I’m okay…I’m okay..”

The lab guy coming back on camera with a glass of wine after his lab blew up…..and then calmly stating that he was probably going to blow his brains out the next day. Interesting to see the point of view of someone on the other side of the outbreak.

Rick begging the lens of a camera, so sure someone was watching, to help them all.

That door opening and hitting everyone with light….and hope.

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