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Positively Positive Movie Review: Sex and The City 2

by on May.30, 2010, under Movies, Romantic

Sex and The City 2 poster

Alright, I know I don’t always come off as the girliest of girls, but really I am, I swear. I guess nothing proves that more than the fact that I joined countless other ladies who made the trek to see our favorite foursome in their second big-screen adventure.

My love for SATC started when the first film came out two years ago. Up until then, I had never seen an episode of the cable series. First of all because I didn’t have HBO, and second of all because I didn’t think I’d like a show about a bunch of girls talking about fashion (which is all I thought it was). I mean I like fashion, but who can talk about it all the time?

When the first movie came out, a few of my friends invited me along to go see it on opening weekend. They were doing a full-on Girls Night Out to celebrate, complete with dressing up in our snazziest outfits, going out to dinner beforehand and the promise of cocktails afterwards. We ended up skipping the cocktails, being too tired once the movie let out after midnight – guess none of us were quite the party girls we thought we were.

That night I discovered that Sex and The City was so much more than just four girls sitting around talking about sex, clothes and shoes….though there was a lot of that. It was also about how these women make their way in the world, battling to keep themselves happy, their husbands happy, their children happy and even their bosses happy. It’s a struggle that all women can relate to and I sure did. In other words, I was in love. After seeing the movie, I watched every single episode on DVD and loved all of them too.

The first movie focused on Carrie’s change from being a single girl, to a married one. This movie sees all the girls two years later and Carrie and John (aka “Mr, Big”) are getting into a rut. Luckily Samantha gets an offer for all of them to visit the wondrous city of Abu Dhabi. There they get pampered, ride camels……..oh yeah, and meet up with the occasional ex.

This movie is a bit more of a romp than the last one, with the exotic location, costumes and yes, even some exotic shoes. Movies are supposed to be an escape from the real world and Sex and The City 2 delivers that in spades.

My favorite bits….

The opening sequence showing Manhattan looking like the sparkliest piece of bling you’ve ever seen.

The completely over the top, ridiculously extravagant, and beautiful wedding of Stanley and Anthony.

Liza Minnelli not only officiating the wedding, but also singing and dancing at the reception. Her rendition of Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)’ had the audience in my theater clapping and cheering, me included.

Watching all the wonderful outfits and shoes the girls changed into throughout the whole film. Sigh… pretty.

The touching because it’s so darn true conversation between the two moms in the group, Charlotte and Miranda, over a few cocktails. I’m not a mother yet but I still recognize that sometimes you need a break and that everything’s not all picture perfect just because you get the family you’ve always wanted. The writing in that scene was superb.

The girls’ runaway adventure at the end of the film as they try to get out of their hotel and make it to the airport on time, only to discover that Carrie left her passport when she was (where else?) shopping.

Samantha getting fed up with the conservative traditions and finally telling off (and flipping off) a group of men who were displeased with her attire. Her scream of “Yes! I HAVE SEX!” as she picked up condoms that had fallen from her purse was absolutely classic.

The girls meeting the local women and discovering not only how much they have in common, but that there is a lot of fashion hiding under all the black robes.

Overall a super sweet chick flick that was the perfect escape from my life this weekend.

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2 Comments for this entry

  • Rachel

    Ha ha, its so funny. I proved that I watch way too much of the show, and TV in general. I caught the momentary shot of the passport, turned to my friend and snapped “Did you see that?” He said no, and I said “She just put her passport down on the counter. Bet you anything she forgets it, and the whole end of the movie is centered on it.” I win.

  • Mokibobolink

    Wow, you have a good eye. I saw that she put something down and I was suspicious but I didn’t think about it again until Carrie suddenly realized she didn’t have her passport. Then I was like “OOOH that’s what she put down”. LOL.

    You totally win! \o/

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