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TV Episode Recap/Review – The Walking Dead “TS-19”

by on Dec.05, 2010, under Drama, Horror

Well I guess I should be happy that at least they didn’t leave us hanging at the end of this season. I thought for a minute there the credits were going to roll with the entire group shut inside that building and we were going to be left wondering whether they got out or not. Then again, since they shot the first season without knowing if there would be second season, I guess it makes sense that they gave it as much closure as they could.

The group thought that they’d found their salvation at the end of last week’s episode and they even got a taste of normalcy for a little bit. Hot showers, a couple nice meals and even some good wine were had by all. Some went a little overboard with the liquor though and we saw that not all demons had left been outside those locked doors, some inner demons came along for the ride. Both Rick and Shane had moments of weakness while under the influence – Rick admitting how scared he’d been all along and Shane showing how much he still wants Lori.

They also were treated to a viewing of what happens when someone is infected, proving that there’s nothing left of the person when they rise. Plus they found out that the entire world had been infected, leaving all hope of “rescue”.

Overall I really enjoyed this episode, but much like I suspected last week, I’m now very sorry that we won’t see season two for a long while. I’m dying to see what happens next with our ragtag group and how they’re going to continue to survive after fighting so hard for the chance to do so. Rick is bound to find out what happened between Shane and Lori, which is sure to test their friendship to the limits, if not kill it altogether.

My favorite bits……

Finally getting to see what happened at the hospital when Shane left Rick. It was very touching to see him trying to carry his friend out before he realized the machines were attached and he might need them.

Rick telling Jenner all they were looking for was a chance.

Jenner joking with Carl in the elevator.

Cracking up at Carl’s reaction to tasting the wine. It was kinda like mine the first time I tried it.

Glenn calling Shane a buzzkill. He was totally right, too.

The dichotomy of seeing Rick and Lori sharing their shower while poor Shane was sharing his with a bottle of booze.

Rick getting drunk enough to admit to Jenner just how scared he’d been.

Shane’s attempt to explain to Lori why he thought Rick had been dead when he left and seeing how much he still wants her.

Carl asking Rick if he was hung over and Glenn begging everyone to never let him drink that much again. LOL.

The little girl asking if what was happening on screen was what happened to Jim.

Getting to see the entire process from death to walker on a screen.

The group finding out that the whole place was going to destroy itself in less than an hour.

The computer’s calm description of the destruction that was coming.

Jenner using Rick’s words against him and telling everyone about what he’d admitted the night before.

Jenner calling what was about to happen their “extinction event”.

Finding out that I was right when I figured that Jenner’s wife was Test Subject 19.

Wondering what the hell Jenner whispered in Rick’s ear.

Rick’s “ooohhhh…..shhhhh….” as he ran away from the grenade.

Dale telling Andrea that she didn’t just get to make her way into someone’s life, make them care, and step out.

Dale and Andrea coming out of the building just in time.

Jenner and Jacqui holding hands as the clock counted down.

The caravan driving off away from the destroyed building.

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TV Episode Recap/Review – The Walking Dead “Wildfire”

by on Nov.28, 2010, under Drama, Horror

We learned a few things in this episode. First off, people who get bit by walkers get the sickness, whether they survive the bite or not. I was really curious as to how that all worked so I liked getting that part cleared up. We also learned that there is at least one man left in the world who just might have the knowledge to beat the disease.

From the beginning, this show has given us everything that a zombie movie just can’t. There’s no way to delve that far into the people who are struggling to survive a zombie apocalypse in the space of two hours. This week we saw how the survivors fight tooth and nail to hold on to what little is left of their humanity. One way to do that is to simply be humane. Rick showed us that when he took the time to put down walkers even when it meant he was drawing attention to himself with the noise. This time he and the rest of the group do it when they risk all of their lives to try and save one man who’s been bit. They even showed it when they left him on the side of the road at his request, with what little dignity they could give him. They also showed it by refusing to burn their dead and buried them instead. They may have had to smash their skulls in first, but at least they weren’t burned like the other walkers. Again, it’s the little things that keep you human in a world like theirs and I find it moving to see each bit that they wrestle to hang onto.

Only one more episode to go and I doubt we’re going to get much in the way of closure, but I’m hoping for at least a little to help us hold out until next Halloween (which is when I’ve heard the next will most likely premiere).

My favorite bits…..

Rick’s radio call to Morgan.

Andrea pulling a gun on Rick to keep him away from Amy.

Glenn demanding that their people don’t get burned, they get buried.

Jim’s “I’m okay….I’m okay…” making me want to cry.

Rick pointing his gun at Daryl and telling him they didn’t kill the living. Yes it was interesting to say that while pointing a gun at another man’s head but Rick still has to establish some rules.

The wife taking a pick axe to her husband’s head. Her anger made me wonder if she was mad at him for treating her badly while he was alive or at the fact that he died and left her. Either way, it was both disgusting and extremely sad…..two emotions this show is very good at mixing together I’ve noticed.

Andrea apologizing to Amy before putting a bullet through her head, after waiting for her to wake up so she could say what she didn’t get a chance to say while Amy was alive. Wow….just, wow. That tore me apart.

Jim’s bite making him feverishly see walkers.

Rick coming out just in time to ask Shane what habits he was talking about breaking. Oh man.

Shane trying to make Rick feel guilty for taking care of his family for him. Really Shane, really? I think that debt was repaid the moment you had sex with his wife.

Complete and total shock when Shane actually thought about taking out Rick when he had him in the sights of his rifle, before getting caught by Dale.

The fact that Shane and Rick didn’t hesitate or even need to discuss it when they gave a gun and ammunition to the family who decided to strike out on their own. I felt that showed what good friends they had been, to think that much alike.

Actually crying this time when Jim refused the gun from Rick and kept telling everyone “I’m okay…I’m okay..”

The lab guy coming back on camera with a glass of wine after his lab blew up…..and then calmly stating that he was probably going to blow his brains out the next day. Interesting to see the point of view of someone on the other side of the outbreak.

Rick begging the lens of a camera, so sure someone was watching, to help them all.

That door opening and hitting everyone with light….and hope.

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TV Episode Recap/Review – The Walking Dead “Vatos”

by on Nov.21, 2010, under Drama, Horror

The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 4 – Well, if you were wanting a bit more action on this show, I’m thinking that the last five minutes of this episode should do you for a good, long while. My heart is still pounding like crazy after watching the peaceful idyllic camp turn into a freaking zombie shooting match.

I’m beginning to see that nothing is ever going to go right for Rick and the last bit of this episode just proves that. The poor guy keeps jumping out of the frying pan into nothing but more frying pans. I suppose going back for Dixon was never going to be a simple mission, but Glenn getting kidnapped by a gang wasn’t in the cards, nor was getting their van stolen by Merle (if that is indeed who took it) and then having to hoof it back to camp in time to stop a bunch of walkers from massacring everyone in it.

One of the things I liked was how appearances were very deceptive in this episode. Rick and his group run into what appears to be a vicious gang, but it turns out to be just another group of people trying to survive and taking care of others while they do it. Then there’s Jim, who seems to be having some sort of breakdown and may possibly be a danger to himself and everyone else. But he’s just a guy who apparently had a premonition about the horrors none of them knew were coming.

Overall I’m still in love with this show and wait anxiously for it to come on each Sunday. I’m so sad to learn there are only two more episodes left in this much too short first season though hearing that it’s already been renewed (this time for 13 episodes, woot!), makes me feel a bit better.

My favorite bits….

The sisters talking about their father and why he taught each of them how to fish differently.

Rick holding that absolutely massive gun of his to Daryl’s head.

Wondering why Daryl was keeping the hand. What, was he thinking they would be able to re-attach it?

Recognizing the signs that Merle had cauterized his stump before Rick even said it.

Jim losing it up on the hill and digging all those graves. At first I figured he might be doing it for the family he’d been unable to save.

Daryl asking Glenn what he did before, and finding out he was just a pizza delivery guy.

Glenn going back for Rick’s hat.

Rick going back for his hat.

Jim telling Carl that his dad was probably delayed because he found some people who needed help. That was awfully sweet.

The way Rick said “Let’s go see Guillermo”

Rick saying he wasn’t going to leave Glenn because he could have left him to die in the tank but he didn’t. So awesome.

Cracking up when the grandma came out and broke up the fight, thinking Rick was there to arrest one of her boys.

Seeing that the gang was apparently running a hospital after the rest of the staff left. Wow, talk about getting the wrong impression about those guys.

Cracking up at the “dogs” that were supposed to have been eating Glenn.

Rick handing over some their guns to the other group, to help them survive too.

Dale saying if he’d known of the coming apocalypse, he would’ve stocked up on wrapping paper. Dang, that reminds me, I should probably add some to my own zombie survival kit.

Holy cow! Rick and his group RUNNING back to camp?? They didn’t just hotwire another car?

Completely freaking out when the group of walkers hit the camp and echoing Rick’s “Oh my god” when they started eating practically everyone in sight.

Thinking how awful it was that Amy never got to open her present.

Jim remembering his dream and why he dug the holes. Oh god….. *shivers*

So what did you think of this episode? Do you think Merle took the truck and if so, where did he go? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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TV Episode Recap/Review – The Walking Dead “Tell it to the Frogs”

by on Nov.14, 2010, under Drama, Horror, Television

The Walking Dead “Tell it to the Frogs” Season 1 Episode 3 – Life sure is complicated when the world has been overrun by zombies. Not only do you have to hide away in the woods so that you don’t get eaten, you also have some really tough interpersonal relationships, too.

First off, we were all wondering about how Shane and Lori got together and why she thought Rick was dead. Now we know it was because he told her that. We’re still not sure why though and that’s something I’m very curious about. Was it because he always had a thing for Lori and took advantage of Rick getting shot and a zombie apocalypse to seduce her? Or was he told Rick was dead by someone else?

Secondly, things come to a head when Dickson’s brother gets wind of what happened in Atlanta. Not willing to leave a man to die out in the elements from thirst, Rick decides to go back for him but Lori isn’t happy. I can’t blame her but at the same time it made me admire Rick even more. Talk about integrity, this guy is dripping with it.

Meanwhile tensions are high in the camp as there are more than a few unlikeable folks in the group, including a man who abuses his family. People who would never spend more time together than passing each other in a grocery store aisle are now living together in a community and like it or not and they need to start making some rules about what is acceptable behavior. Shane may have been taking his anger out and gone too far by beating up the abusive husband but his point was still valid, in my opinion.

My favorite bits….

Dickson’s slow descent into insanity interrupted by seeing the dead trying to break down the door. Okay I know what I said about this guy last week but no one deserves to die like that.

Glenn passing the truck, still having a great time in his Challenger. LOL, I love him.

I’m with Carl. Frog legs? Ew.

Glenn justifying drawing attention to their position with “I got a cool car…”

Bawling like a baby when Rick was reunited with his family.

Rick telling Lori that he knew they were alive.

Realizing that was Rick’s ring that Lori was wearing around her neck. I don’t know why but I hadn’t figured that out, I thought it was hers and that he still had his.

Glenn’s disappointment as the “vultures” stripped his car. Oh man, that would suck.

Finding it pretty horrible to watch them all kill that one lonely walker, especially when the head kept moving. Wow, I guess they really do have to get the brain or they won’t die.

Shane diving between Rick and Dickson’s brother.

Shane clarifying that he did indeed mean “douchebag” when speaking about Dickson.

Lori and Carl telling Rick they didn’t want him to go.

Realizing that Jim is the same guy who played the “family dog” in Friday’s episode of Supernatural. Huh, small world.

Rick telling Shane his bag was like the bottom of an old lady’s purse. Does that mean he’s got some butterscotch candies in there, too?

Shane telling Rick he didn’t like what he was doing, but giving him bullets to help him out anyway.

Carl telling Lori not to worry because nothing had killed Rick yet. Aw, that was awesome. What a great kid.

The ladies questioning why they’re the ones doing all the day to day work. Yeah, good point.

The ladies discussing what they miss the most and two of them deciding they missed their vibrators the most. LOL!

The sight of that handcuff and the hand next to it and knowing that Dickson decided to take off his own hand. Holy cow.

So what did you think of the episode? Got any favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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TV Episode Recap/Review – The Walking Dead “Guts”

by on Nov.07, 2010, under Drama, Horror

The Walking Dead “Guts” Season 1 Episode 2 – What do you do when most of the population is dead or walking dead and there are still jackasses around? That was a question posed in this episode after Rick gets saved from the mess he was in inside the tank and meets up with a group of refugees. One of them (played by Michael Rooker) is the kind of jerk you hope you’ll only ever see on television but unfortunately for Rick (and the rest of the group) the guy is there in living color and so despicable I wanted to put a bullet in his head myself. Rick does the next best thing when he handcuffs the idiot to the roof, but when everyone has to run for their lives and leave him there, I realized that was an awful thing to do, even to a guy like that.

Another interesting question posed in tonight’s episode – how far would you be willing to go to save yourself? If your answer didn’t involve butchering a zombie and plastering their stinking guts all over your body, well then you might not make it in the world of the walking dead. Because that’s just what Rick and another survivor are forced to do in order to escape the stumbling horde outside. And let me tell ya, you know you’re watching some special kind of tv when there’s a scene where people chop up a dead rotting corpse and spread the gore all over themselves.

My favorite bits…

Lori taking off her necklace and wedding band before she and Shane got busy in the woods. Still very curious what made her leave Rick behind. Did she think he was dead already?

The fact that Glenn kept calling Rick a dumbass. LOL.

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