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TV Episode Recap/Review – The Walking Dead “Wildfire”

by on Nov.28, 2010, under Drama, Horror

We learned a few things in this episode. First off, people who get bit by walkers get the sickness, whether they survive the bite or not. I was really curious as to how that all worked so I liked getting that part cleared up. We also learned that there is at least one man left in the world who just might have the knowledge to beat the disease.

From the beginning, this show has given us everything that a zombie movie just can’t. There’s no way to delve that far into the people who are struggling to survive a zombie apocalypse in the space of two hours. This week we saw how the survivors fight tooth and nail to hold on to what little is left of their humanity. One way to do that is to simply be humane. Rick showed us that when he took the time to put down walkers even when it meant he was drawing attention to himself with the noise. This time he and the rest of the group do it when they risk all of their lives to try and save one man who’s been bit. They even showed it when they left him on the side of the road at his request, with what little dignity they could give him. They also showed it by refusing to burn their dead and buried them instead. They may have had to smash their skulls in first, but at least they weren’t burned like the other walkers. Again, it’s the little things that keep you human in a world like theirs and I find it moving to see each bit that they wrestle to hang onto.

Only one more episode to go and I doubt we’re going to get much in the way of closure, but I’m hoping for at least a little to help us hold out until next Halloween (which is when I’ve heard the next will most likely premiere).

My favorite bits…..

Rick’s radio call to Morgan.

Andrea pulling a gun on Rick to keep him away from Amy.

Glenn demanding that their people don’t get burned, they get buried.

Jim’s “I’m okay….I’m okay…” making me want to cry.

Rick pointing his gun at Daryl and telling him they didn’t kill the living. Yes it was interesting to say that while pointing a gun at another man’s head but Rick still has to establish some rules.

The wife taking a pick axe to her husband’s head. Her anger made me wonder if she was mad at him for treating her badly while he was alive or at the fact that he died and left her. Either way, it was both disgusting and extremely sad…..two emotions this show is very good at mixing together I’ve noticed.

Andrea apologizing to Amy before putting a bullet through her head, after waiting for her to wake up so she could say what she didn’t get a chance to say while Amy was alive. Wow….just, wow. That tore me apart.

Jim’s bite making him feverishly see walkers.

Rick coming out just in time to ask Shane what habits he was talking about breaking. Oh man.

Shane trying to make Rick feel guilty for taking care of his family for him. Really Shane, really? I think that debt was repaid the moment you had sex with his wife.

Complete and total shock when Shane actually thought about taking out Rick when he had him in the sights of his rifle, before getting caught by Dale.

The fact that Shane and Rick didn’t hesitate or even need to discuss it when they gave a gun and ammunition to the family who decided to strike out on their own. I felt that showed what good friends they had been, to think that much alike.

Actually crying this time when Jim refused the gun from Rick and kept telling everyone “I’m okay…I’m okay..”

The lab guy coming back on camera with a glass of wine after his lab blew up…..and then calmly stating that he was probably going to blow his brains out the next day. Interesting to see the point of view of someone on the other side of the outbreak.

Rick begging the lens of a camera, so sure someone was watching, to help them all.

That door opening and hitting everyone with light….and hope.

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