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Positively Positive Review – NCIS: Rule Fifty-One

by on May.27, 2010, under Crime, Drama, Television

NCIS Rule Fifty One Gibbs

You know, the problem with declaring yourself as the Queen of Positive Reviews is that you have to actually live up to it. Okay so maybe I haven’t actually proclaimed myself that yet, but since I just said it, let’s call it an official proclamation and leave it at that. I’m sure I can find a crown and throne on Ebay, right?

Anyway, moving on. Like I said, the trouble with saying that you’re going to do nothing but positive reviews is that if something doesn’t hit you as totally positive right away, you can’t write about it. Hence the reason that my review for the NCIS seventh season finale is late. It wasn’t that I disliked the episode, not at all, but I was a bit confused at first and had to figure out exactly what I was going to say about it.

Then it hit me that being confused can actually be a positive thing. How’s that, you say? Well it means for one thing that the episode was anything but boring or predictable – two adjectives that are pretty much the worst things I can say about a tv show. If I am sitting there not interested in what’s going to happen next or, worst yet, able to predict every single plot twist, I hate it.

The fact that I couldn’t tell whether the finale (and subsequent season 8 premiere) was about Gibbs getting kidnapped, the report of his murder of Pedro going public at NCIS, Abby and Gibbs’ relationship, Franks going missing (and losing a finger), Tony’s assignment to follow and report on Alejandro or Reynosa showing up at Jackson Gibbs’ store (eek!), well I’m gonna take that as a good thing. That means that I’m not sure where the premiere will start out next year and which storyline it will be about. Heck, maybe it will be all of them and that’s what makes it even more exciting.

My favorite parts…

Watching the stable hand lunging the horse and really wanting to say “pick up your lunge line!” (flashbacks to being a riding coach and assistant trainer, you’re never supposed to let the line hit the ground so that your horse can’t trip over it)

Gibbs shaking the dirt out of his hair, not seemingly bothered by the fact that he’d just been kidnapped. I loved how calm he was through the whole thing, even when she started threatening his friends and family. He never gave her an inch.

Kinda digging the way Gibbs looked all scuffed up in dirty jeans and shirt. He’s usually so well put together, it was kind of a nice change.

Gibbs asking Reynosa if she was doing him favors when she threatened his mother-in-law. LOL.

Tony’s grimace when he found out they were riding to Mexico in a C130 instead of the GV he had been hoping for.

The whole “wink” conversation between Tony and Ziva outside MTAC.

Finding out that Alejandro was not only working with Reynosa…..he’s her brother!

The discussion between Tony, Ziva and Abby about the seriousness of Gibbs bringing up a rule in the 40’s.

Thinking the riddle Gibbs’ father told him was pretty cool.

Gibbs rubbing in the fact that he can still talk to his father to Reynosa and Alejandro and then tempting the man to kill man. Man, that was intense.

Tony and Ziva promising each other that they wouldn’t get on the plane without Gibbs….and opening the door to find Gibbs standing there.

Ziva nudging Tony to get him to stop pushing Gibbs on the plane and him going on anyway. I love that Tony has always been brave enough to go toe to toe with Gibbs.

Ducky’s mind going blank for the first time and Palmer helping him out by “teeing the ball up” for him. I also loved Ducky’s little golfing story and how they moved the camera back when he demonstrated hitting the ball.

Trying to figure out what the heck kind of phone it was that Gibbs was using when he called to warn his father.

Ziva and Tony doing all the “McGee” stuff without him. Guess they do have a few computer skills themselves.

Vance mentioning that Hetty got him on to a studio tour in LA. LOL, I knew she had connections.

Being completed flabbergasted by the scary conversation between Vance and Gibbs. Even knowing now that Gibbs was doing his best to tell Vance what was going on without actually saying the word, it’s still intense seeing them go at each other like that.

Abby knowing exactly why Gibbs put a guard at her door, and telling him that it terrifies her when he violates his own rules. Aw, poor Abby.

Gibbs only able to give Abby a hug and a kiss in response to her asking who was after her. It was so hard to watch him struggling to keep everyone he loved safe without being able to tell anyone about what was happening.

Vance putting Tony in charge of the mission to get Dean and knowing that it was because he was giving Gibbs free reign to do what he needed to, even if he didn’t know what it was.

After the shootout at the airport, the way Tony flexed his fingers and gripped his gun again. I’ve noticed him doing that a couple times over the course of the series. It’s an interesting little habit and it’s got me wondering if there’s a reason he does it.

Finding out that Vance had bugged Gibbs phone. Clever boys!

The conversation between Gibbs and Vance in the park. Vance basically telling Gibbs that he knows about Pedro’s death, doesn’t care, and is going to help him out with Alejandro. Very cool.

McGee pausing in the doorway to look back in puzzlement when Vance said he needed to see Tony instead of him. Had me curious too.

I know I said I liked Gibbs scruffy in the beginning of the ep but I took it back after I saw him in the suit in the end.

Ziva looking down as she took her oath and noticing the two empty seats that should have been filled by Tony and Gibbs.

See Tony obviously undercover and following Alejandro in Mexico and knowing that was what Vance had needed him for.

Hart visiting Gibbs to tell him that she helped Bell partly because she wanted to know more about him, and that she is also going to help him with his case now that the report is out about Pedro’s murder.

Franks calling Tony “Probie”. So cool!

Finding out that rule #44 is “first things first, hide the women and children” (after hearing Gibbs give that message to Franks in the previous ep and not knowing what it meant).

Gibbs remembering when he decided to become a cop and why he did it in the first place. Then pulling out a piece of paper to write out a new rule – #51 “Sometimes – You’re Wrong”. Which I took to mean that he was realizing what he did to Pedro was wrong. As a cop now he knows that murdering someone isn’t right, even if you think they deserve it.

Reynosa showing up at Jackson’s store and wondering where that would lead us next season.

Overall a jam-packed season finale that has set up the show to go in a lot of directions next year.

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6 Comments for this entry

  • snail


    since rule 51 was written on the back of “never involve lawyers”, and that he involved Hart in “Mother’s Day” and is beginning to trust her,… i took it to mean that sometimes the rules are wrong…. idk….

  • Steph

    Great review, Moki! I had to watch this episode twice before really commenting on it, for the same reasons you mentioned. And I loved it for the same reasons – there are so many questions, and it keeps you thinking and guessing. The single-event “OMG, Kate died!” or “OMG, Gibbs quit!” finales are awesome in their own way, but I love the idea of having so much to ponder while we wait for the new season.

    (BTW, that’s the first time I’ve seen that interpretation of Rule 51, and I really like it!)

  • AZGirl

    Ah Moki, you read my mind again with all your comments – well, except for the lunge line. I know nothing about horses. LOL.

    To me, Gibbs’ phone looked like the kind that repairmen use to tap into lines to check if they’re working. I saw the phone in a previous ep and thought it fit so perfectly with the kind of guy Gibbs is…

    And, thanks for putting Abby’s guard into perspective – I totally didn’t get it the first time around. (duh!)

    Your review reminded me of something I said in a recent email to a friend. I called the finale a “season 8 starter kit” – so many ways the premiere can go, don’t you think?

  • Mokibobolink

    Snail – oh great interpretation of Rule 51. I like that one. I guess we’ll all have to wait and see which is right.

    Steph – it’s good to know I wasn’t the only one who had to watch it a couple times before being able to talk about it. You’re right, the cliffhanger type finales are great but this kind is fun too, as it keeps us guessing all summer.

    AZGirl – LOL well you know me, anything with horses and I’m bound to notice it. Ah, so that’s why that phone Gibbs used looked familiar. You’re right, it does seem like something he’d have around. The “season 8 starter kit” is the perfect way to describe this ep! Love it.

  • AZGirl

    Snail – That’s how I interpreted Rule 51 as well especially since Gibbs circled the lawyers rule before writing the new one down…

    Moki – I think there can several interpretations to that rule, don’t you think? Maybe he was even thinking he was wrong about his becoming a Navy cop in the 1st place or wrong in thinking he’d be a good cop, etc. The scene doesn’t make it absolutely clear and that’s part of why I like it so much…

  • Mokibobolink

    Yeah I agree, AZGirl. Rule Fifty-One can be interpreted in a lot of ways. I like the idea of him thinking he was wrong about being a good cop, because he was thinking about that when he wrote it. So many possibilities and like you said, that’s why I like it too.

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