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Positively Positive Review – NCIS: The Inside Man

by on Oct.07, 2009, under Crime, Drama, Television

Michael Weatherly in NCIS season 7, episode 3 “The Inside Man”. Image from www.tvfanatic.comNCIS Inside Man

As a blogger who writes about NCIS (among other shows), I really enjoyed last night’s episode about the death of a blogger who wrote about NCIS. Makes me a little nervous about writing anything bad though, considering how the guy in the show ended up. This episode also confused the heck out of me, in a completely good way though. I had no idea who did what up until the very end, which kept me guessing “who done it?” the whole time.


Tony catching his pen off the top of his hand. Yes I have tried it and found that I can do it. Who knew?

Gibbs walking into the squadroom with a baseball bat and the fact that they never explain why. Totally cracked me up.

Ducky understanding how Ziva must feel stuck behind her desk and not being able to work with the others.

The team in the unusual position of not running a crime scene and having to get info from the detectives who were.

Tony describing Detective Sportelli as the guy who made the mistake of “tugging on Superman’s cape”. Nice song reference there.

Ducky having trouble with his new portable x-ray machine. We’ve all been there, Duck.

Tony interviewing a suspect he knew he was supposed to, and running off like a naughty little boy when he’s nearly caught by the detectives.

Abby and McGee talking over each other as both were worried about different things – Abby about re-doing her work on the case and McGee about re-taking his polygraph test.

The little look shared between Tony and Ziva. She reported that the lieutenant and a woman he worked with were more than just coworkers, then Tony said “fraternization in the workplace, never a good idea.”. Hmmm….there could be a couple ways to take this. Personally I think this was a slight dig to Ziva about her relationship with Michael. Others may see it differently, I’m sure.

Gibbs not really acknowledging Ziva for most of the work she did on the case. Not sure what to make of that, perhaps he’s still deciding whether or not he can trust her?

Gibbs’ very scary interrogation of Lieutenant Summers and the rest of the team taking bets on how he would continue. Reminds me of “Bounce” from last season, when everyone did the same thing while Tony was doing an interrogation.

After Ducky lied like a rug to his counterpart, Gibbs asking if Ducky ever lied like that to him. You know what they say, Gibbs. If you have to ask….

Tony’s response to the SCC Investigator being named Benjamin Franklin, and the look on the poor guy’s face when Gibbs left him alone with Tony.

Abby’s showdown with detective Sportelli. She may not have won but you gotta admire her spunk.

Tony chewing on the toothpick while interviewing the sandwich guy. Was that a nod to the absent Director?

McGee trying to discuss the case and being completely distracted by Tony munching on his “sammich” (loved the way Tony said that), asking for a bite and Tony snarfing it down in front of him. Why do I think that they’ve each done that to the other before?

Tony suggesting that McGee climb into a coffin so that he could take his picture, pretend he was dead, and get him out of retaking his polygraph……and McGee obviously thinking about it.

Abby talking about her coffin and the fact that it’s given her “hours of restful sleep and pleasure”.

The entire scene with McGee and Tony breaking into the impound lot. From the moment their little heads popped out from behind the wall, Tony looking through the binoculars the wrong way, McGee shooting the camera with his fake bird crap, Tony reassuring McGee that there were no dogs, McGee crawling into the car to hook up the laptop and Tony calling the position he was in “an upside down manatee”, Tony calling McGee an easy mark and McGee calling him a child, etc. Then the whole last part as they ran from the dogs, each of them screaming the other’s name and making funny little comments (McGee talking about his shoes, Tony making movie references), I was laughing so hard I was crying. Seriously…..Best. Scene. Ever.

Tony and McGee’s mug shots. LOL!!

Abby being worried about the boys and Gibbs not telling her that they were already out.

Tony’s hair when he and McGee got back.

Abby offering to take Ziva out for a Girl’s Night Out. So Sweet.

Ziva obviously having some very serious things on her mind as she addressed a letter to her father.

McGee and the chick from polygraph. Looks like McGee might be getting a girlfriend. Yay McGee! Not sure if I like this chick yet, will wait until I’ve seen more of her.

The fact that McGee was completely clueless to what the girl was doing by asking those unusual questions and instead coming up with an important clue that ends up solving the case.

McGee basically shoving Abby aside to use her computer to check on his hunch. Loving McGee being more of a take charge kind of guy, without being the jerk he was (sometimes) last season.

Figuring out that the reason Tony’s recap of “Strangers On a Train” sounded familiar was because it was also used in last week’s episode of Castle. Funny coincidence.

Gibbs knowing that the polygraph chick liked McGee and offering to draw McGee a picture when he doesn’t get the multiple hints.

Ziva resigning from Mossad and applying to be a full NCIS agent. I saw this coming and I’m happy to see that it looks like it’s finally going to happen.

Gibbs hesitating to sign Ziva’s form. So interested to see how it will all pan out.

Overall a good team-centric episode, showing how well they work together to solve a case despite having one member (Ziva) still working from the bench.

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