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Positively Positive Review – NCIS: Los Angeles – The Only Easy Day

by on Oct.01, 2009, under Crime, Drama, Television

LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell in NCIS Los Angeles, episode 2 “The Only Easy Day”. Image from
NCIS LA - The Only Easy Day

In the first episode of NCIS: Los Angeles we got to delve a little bit into Callen’s past. This time, it’s Sam’s turn as the case ventures into his past with the SEALs. I enjoyed the banter between the characters, continuing to build on what we know about them and how they work together.


Loving all the beach locations they’re using on this show. Reminds me that I only made it to the beach once this past summer. Oh well.

Sam still working on the probie’s training and Hetty helping out by telling Dom to learn the “proper Pavlovian response” to Eric’s whistle. Too funny.

Hetty telling Nate that his stand-up needs work.

Sam being able to identify one of his SEAL buddies simply by seeing the man use hand signals on some grainy footage. Impressive.

Callen telling Sam “I complete you” when Sam talked about getting another partner. These guys crack me up.

Callen comparing SEALs to the seminary “If priests actually blew things up and could kill you with a Bible”….and Sam threatening to bounce him off a rock for it.

Kensi pretending to be in a fight with her boyfriend on the phone and scratching someone’s car to keep her cover. Nice touch that she also thought to find the owner and pay for the damage.

Nate’s crush on the coroner and him trying to explain why she dreamt that a gnome flipped her off.

Seeing Sam’s sweet Challenger again. I know Callen drives an Impala but it’s not nearly as cool. Maybe if he got himself a ’67 Impala, I’d be more impressed.

Hetty telling Sam… “I criticize, I scold, I chastise. I’ve even torn someone a new one, but I NEVER mock.”  – you know, I could totally see her tearing someone a new one. She may be small, but she’s wily.

Kensi being totally okay with peeing in a bag in the back of a car for the sake of surveillance. Now THAT is dedication.

Sam taking Nate’s advice and leaving the interrogation of the SEAL to Callen, until it was time to take over and talk to guy, SEAL to SEAL.

Seeing Sam pop up out of the water hazard to save the day. That was awesome.

Callen saying “I’m really trying to give up getting shot so much” – LOL!

The way Callen seems to know exactly the right way to mess with Sam to keep him from getting too far into his own head.

Overall a strong second episode of this spin off series, giving us more insight to one of the main characters and showing us more of the strong bond between Callen and Sam.

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