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TV Episode Review/Recap – Burn Notice: Center of the Storm

by on Aug.07, 2010, under Action, Crime, Drama, Spy, Television

Jeffrey Donovan in Burn Notice

Having ridden out a hurricane or two in Miami, this week’s episode of Burn Notice, called “Center of the Storm” was somewhat familiar. Putting plywood up on windows, evacuating to higher ground, cleaning up afterwards, yep I’ve been there and done that.

Then again, Michael and his friends did have a smidge more to worry about than I did in my last hurricane. First of all, now that they’ve got Simon’s bible (which they are sure is a code cipher), Michael wants to meet with the man himself. While he’s trying to arrange that, he’s still keeping the secret from Jesse that this whole business is what got him burned, oh and he gets kidnapped.

The two FBI agents that used to follow Michael around need his help when they lose their witness that they were supposed to be protecting. Michael goes looking for the witness and ends up finding the hitman after the poor guy. He manages to talk his way out of getting dead by convincing said hitman that he’s another hitman who has info that can help. Michael does manage to find the witness and also talks his captor into helping to save his life when yet another hitman shows up to finish the job. This episode was lousy with hitmen.

My favorite bits…

Fi reluctantly mumbling that though she had been mocking Michael for wanting to get a face to face with Simon, he wasn’t wrong about why it needed to be done.

Michael screaming at Vaughn and demanding to speak to Simon, then coming down to almost a whisper to declare that he’s pretty dangerous too. Honestly it was the whisper that scared me more.

Cracking up the moment I saw agents Lane and Harris were going to be the clients for this episode.

The way Michael double-timed it out of Fi’s apartment after announcing that he was doing a favor for the FBI, especially the little grin he gave right before he snuck out the door.

Cringing myself when Sam threatened to shoot the car. Why do they always have to shoot the pretty cars?

Michael and Sam being nice enough to leave a bag of chicken with the guys they locked in the trunk.

The look on Michael’s face when he got caught by the assassin in his apartment. Oopsie.

Cole telling Michael to keep talking because he was “fun to listen to.”

Vaughn going to Fi’s and offering her a deal to get Jesse back in if she gets him Simon’s book and then telling her that Michael is addicted to his life and on his way to becoming like that maniac. Ugh, what a sneaky bastard to go behind Michael’s back like that but sometimes I think he might be right about Michael being addicted.

Maddie’s CB handle being “Smokin’ Mama”

Finding out that Cole used to be in the Corps and Michael pointing out that if the guy was already daydreaming about leaving the life that he wasn’t cut out for it.

Wondering when Michael said “breaker one nine” on the CB, if he actually was on channel 19.

Maddie figuring out the code that Sam and Jesse used to give Michael a description of the house.

The annoyed look Michael gave when he had to repeat that he was Michael Westen and he was there to save those people.

Michael managing to get Cole on his side and protecting the guy he was supposed to kill and then the two of them building a bomb to catch the other hitmen. That was awesome.

Laughing when Maddie told Michael that if she had evacuated then she wouldn’t have been around to save his “skinny butt”. LOL!

Knowing that I was right and Fi would never give the book to Vaughn. Good girl!

Lane and Harris acting as Michael’s personal FBI guys in black suits. I guess it pays to have the FBI owe you a favor.

Overall I found this a really exciting episode of Burn Notice. From the hurricane to Michael getting kidnapped by a hitman and finally to it becoming very clear that Michael is going to be facing some personal demons when he meets up with Simon. I’m very excited for the rest of the season.

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