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TV Episode Recap/Review – Rizzoli & Isles “I Kissed a Girl”

by on Aug.17, 2010, under Action, Crime, Drama, Television

Rizzoli & Isles

I’ve always had a thing for buddy cop shows, buddy movies, etc. Two guys who are opposites, fighting cantankerously but always having each other’s backs when push comes to shove. It’s a formula that has worked over and over again and now I’ve found a new love for a different kind of buddy – the girl buddies.

I first started watching Rizzoli & Isles because Sasha Alexander (who I liked in NCIS) was in it. I wasn’t sure what to expect and frankly, I wasn’t even sure if I would like it. Was this going to be like Sex & The City with guns? Were the girls going to be more catty than buddy? After all I like myself a good chick flick, but I had no idea how the two ideas would mesh. The truth is they don’t. You will find no vestiges of the chick flick in the show, unless you count the fact that the two main characters are women. That is where the similarities end though. After that it’s just about two women who are best friends, despite being complete polar opposites, and make the perfect crime solving team.

In last night’s episode, aptly named “I Kissed a Girl” (a title it shares with one of my favorite songs by Katy Perry), the ladies are after a killer who attacked and murdered a woman outside of a lesbian bar. In order to get closer to the killer, Rizzoli allows her profile to be put up on a ladies only dating site and sets up a bunch of dates at the bar. Isles goes undercover as a waitress to secure DNA from each of the prospective suitors and the boys stay behind the scenes listening in.

In the end it turns out to be a case of betrayal as they find that it was the woman’s wife, along with her bartending lover, who committed the crime.

My favorite bits…

Rizzoli only agreeing to the double date if Isles told her what killed the victim. She’s so devious.

Rizzoli going on a date with a guy who just wants to find a strong woman so that he can be a stay at home dad. Okay call me crazy but for a second there I really thought those two were a match made in heaven.

The funny way Rizzoli said “dildo” out of the side of her mouth to confirm that’s what Isles was talking about.

The boys and Isles trying to figure out how best to describe Rizzoli on the dating site.

Rizzoli saying she might “flip” for a woman on the dating site who had front row season tickets to the Celtics.

Isles’ speech about how she is in awe of what human beings can do. That was really beautiful and made me think we all should do that every once in a while.

Really wanting that top Isles was wearing in the bar.

Rizzoli’s very unique method of getting a DNA sample from the bartender.

The girls getting into a push fight in yoga class. It made me giggle so hard because it totally reminded me of myself and my girlfriends when I was younger.

Overall I really got a kick out of this episode and each week I find that I am loving Rizzoli & Isles more and more.

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