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TV Episode Recap/Review – Dark Blue “Urban Garden” and “Liar’s Poker”

by on Aug.05, 2010, under Action, Crime, Drama, Television

Omari Hardwick and Dylan McDermott in Dark Blue

Ah, once again it’s time to thank my DVR for allowing me the chance to see a show that I never got to watch last summer. Dark Blue suffered due to just too many good shows on tv, but this year I decided to check it out.

Boy am I glad I did.

Last night was the season premiere – two episodes shown back to back to back, first up “Urban Garden”, followed by “Liar’s Poker”.

After watching both episodes I already know that this is my kind of show. About a team of LAPD officers who work deep undercover, led by Lieutenant Carter Shaw (played by Dylan McDermott), Dark Blue has now added Tricia Helfer to the cast. She plays FBI Agent Alex Rice, who has a case that accidentally crosses over into Carter’s territory, and subsequently takes over his case. Her objective is to get to a dirtbag in order to get to his boss, but after one of Carter’s old friends is killed by said dirtbag, he wants to nail the guy for the murder.

Everyone manages to play nice and they do manage to put away the baddie. Afterwards Shaw and Rice jump into bed together to celebrate, secure in the knowledge that they’re never gonna see each other again. Oops, turns out Rice has been assigned to run a special joint FBI/LAPD task force.

So some awkwardness ensues but mostly the two of them try to forget it ever happened. Meanwhile, another couple team members are knocking boots too. They are trying to keep it just as a physical thing but when one of them goes undercover and seduces a beautiful woman, the other starts to show what could be jealousy.

Needless to say the show is sexy, but not in a sappy soap-opera way that might get annoying in what should be a cop show. It has a fair amount of action and is a little dark too, but with enough humor to keep things from getting maudlin. Overall I liked the first taste I got and I’m eager for more.

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