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TV Episode Recap/Review – Burn Notice “Blind Spot”

by on Aug.20, 2010, under Action, Crime, Drama, Spy, Television

Jeffrey Donovan and Bruce Campbell in Burn Notice

In this episode of Burn Notice, called “Blind Spot” everyone is, as usual, working on different cases. First off Fiona comes to the aid of a grieving woman who had her entire life saving snatch from her by a sleazy womanizer. It’s a job tailor made for Sam, so he helps her to get the sleazebag back. Every plan they have blows up in their face until finally they resort to drugging him (twice) to make him black out and think that he’s killed the woman whose money he stole. Then Michael steps in as a “dirty cop” and claims he can make it all go away, which he does (since it never happened in the first place) and gives the money to the client.

Meanwhile Michael and Jesse are after the man who wants Simon’s bible. Sam has a friend make up a fake file on the guy so they can fool Jesse into thinking he’s the reason he got burned. They are trying to help Jesse but have to resort to lying to him in order to do it. Madeline, unable to take looking into the eyes of a man that her son is lying to, decides to leave town. Turns out to be just in the nick of time as Jesse finally figures out who really burned him and takes off, but not before making it very clear what he wants to do to Michael, Sam and Fiona for what they did.

My favorite bits…

The boys having to stop their super secret spy meeting because of a game of Canasta. I know I hate it when that happens in the middle of my spy meetings.

The words “Merchant of Death” appearing under Barrett’s name.

Michael pointing out to Fiona that he and Jesse may be sitting ducks, but they were well-armed ducks.

This line from Fiona: “The man’s a sleazy womanizer. Clearly a job for Sam Axe.”

I’m with Sam, Chuck Finley IS forever!

Sam having to hold Fi back from putting a bullet in the sleaze bag’s skull. So surprising to see how emotionally attached she got to the case.

Fi telling the client “insane is one of our specialties”. Yep, that’s very true.

Sam dropping Charles’ head on the floor at Fiona’s request, not just once but twice.

Laughing my ass of at this bit:
Bad Guy: “You have no idea who you’re messing with.”
Michael: “Well, whose fault is that? You haven’t told us your name yet.”

Cracking up when Michael slapped at a mosquito in the middle of a conversation. No way was that scripted, that’s just a normal part of Miami.

Totally knowing that Fi was gonna reach over and start kissing Jesse when their cover was nearly blown…..and the look on his face when she did it.

The client asking if they had a manual where they get all their stuff. LOL, I’ve always wondered that myself.

Jesse suggesting that Sam had lost his taste for alcohol…..*rolls on floor in hysterical laughter*

Loving Michael’s English accent.

Fi taking on two bad guys in Emily’s house all on her own.

The way they set up Charles to think he killed Emily. Brilliant.

The way Michael kept slapping his hand to emphasize why he needed to charge a million dollars to clean up the “murder”.

Michael questioning “tosser?” when Charles went off on his accountant. LOL. (“Tosser” is a British insult and like “wanker” literally means one who….erm….wanks off. Get it?)

Sam telling Charles the truth about everything in the limo and then leaving him with this awesome line: “You know, there’s nothing more pathetic than a bitch who can’t move on. A raging British jackass once told me that.”

My jaw dropping at the final scene when Jesse figured out what happened and not only held a gun on Fiona, but actually cocked it and threatened to kill her for betraying him.

Overall an episode that transitioned from the normal action packed with a bit of comedy, straight to dramatic and gasp inducing in the space of about 30 seconds. Next week’s finale looks to be awesome.

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