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TV Episode Recap/Review – Burn Notice “Blind Spot”

by on Aug.20, 2010, under Action, Crime, Drama, Spy, Television

Jeffrey Donovan and Bruce Campbell in Burn Notice

In this episode of Burn Notice, called “Blind Spot” everyone is, as usual, working on different cases. First off Fiona comes to the aid of a grieving woman who had her entire life saving snatch from her by a sleazy womanizer. It’s a job tailor made for Sam, so he helps her to get the sleazebag back. Every plan they have blows up in their face until finally they resort to drugging him (twice) to make him black out and think that he’s killed the woman whose money he stole. Then Michael steps in as a “dirty cop” and claims he can make it all go away, which he does (since it never happened in the first place) and gives the money to the client.

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TV Episode Review/Recap – Burn Notice: Center of the Storm

by on Aug.07, 2010, under Action, Crime, Drama, Spy, Television

Jeffrey Donovan in Burn Notice

Having ridden out a hurricane or two in Miami, this week’s episode of Burn Notice, called “Center of the Storm” was somewhat familiar. Putting plywood up on windows, evacuating to higher ground, cleaning up afterwards, yep I’ve been there and done that.

Then again, Michael and his friends did have a smidge more to worry about than I did in my last hurricane. First of all, now that they’ve got Simon’s bible (which they are sure is a code cipher), Michael wants to meet with the man himself. While he’s trying to arrange that, he’s still keeping the secret from Jesse that this whole business is what got him burned, oh and he gets kidnapped.

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TV Episode Recap/Review – Burn Notice: Where There’s Smoke

by on Jul.31, 2010, under Action, Drama, Spy, Television

Jeffrey Donovan and Coby Bell in Burn Notice

This week’s episode of Burn Notice, called “Where There’s Smoke” had the entire gang involved in a job as Fiona gets herself kidnapped to protect a client. Michael begins negotiations with the kidnappers but Fi sends a coded message letting him know that she and the client are dead, money or no money. So then Michael and Sam run off to try and find her, leaving Jesse and Maddie to deal with the husband who doesn’t believe that his money won’t solve the problem.

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Positively Positive Review – Burn Notice: Fast Friends

by on Jun.12, 2010, under Action, Drama, Spy, Television

Burn Notice

After accidentally burning a spy himself in last week’s episode, this week Michael takes on said burned spy as a client. Jesse has been let loose by the FBI but now he’s got more bad guys on his tail, looking for money that they think he stole.

So Michael’s team gets one more member and everyone has to learn how to play nice. Jesse is good at what he does, but plays by his own rules and gets himself in trouble. Michael, Fi and Sam rescue him of course, and in the end Jesse moves in to Michael’s mother’s garage. Our threesome is becoming a foursome and I for one am pretty excited by the prospect. Michael hasn’t told Jesse he was the one who burned him, giving us future fuel for lots of drama. I say bring it on.

My favorite bits…

Sam continuously saying that “Vaugh is a good name for a vampire”. Makes me wonder, what’s he got against the name Vaugh?

Vaugh calling Michael ‘Boss’ once he decided to let Michael find Jesse

Fi writing “Outsource This!!” in spray paint on the wall. Oh man, I’m sure there’re quite a few people out there who would find that amusing.

The fact that Fi can not only create a bomb in less than 90 seconds, but can do it only using items found in a few office desks. That’s a rare talent right there.

Maddie sending a text “NEED HELP NOW” to both Michael and Sam, causing them both to break into her place with guns. Talk about bad text etiquette.

Finding out that in addition to their weapons, explosives and various other spy skills, apparently Michael and Sam can also do construction. The boys have got some skills too.

Fi referring to Sam as a “wash-up old booze hound” and maybe (or maybe not) realizing she was on speaker when she did it.

This Jesse guy taking on a truck full of bad guys with only minimal help from Michael and his team. Not too bad for a rookie.

Michael comparing spies to wedding planners because both like attention to details. LOL.

It’s not like we all didn’t see it coming but it was still a bit exciting when Jesse became Michael’s new client. Of course it’s extra tricky since Michael’s helping the guy that he burned and he can’t tell him.

The look Michael gives Fi when he’s trying to convince her to let Jesse stay in the condo next door. Who knew Michael could pull off a puppy-dog look?

Michael’s new undercover persona for this ep. He didn’t have to do an accent, per se, but that gravelly voice was awesome, especially when he asked if he could take the Mongolian beef with him.

Not being at all surprised when Jesse did his own version of the plan. He’s gonna be trouble, I can feel it…..though that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Jesse having the balls to shoot at Michael to keep up his act and Michael shooting right back. Really shows how good they both are that they both did it on the fly…and survived.

Sam telling Jesse that they were gonna “dance” if he didn’t behave and Jesse replying that he would beat Sam’s “old ass”. All of that totally cracked me up.

Maddie’s renter’s cat finding Michael’s detonators and subsequently moving out. Man, I really hate it when that happens.

Fi deciding she liked Jesse once he told her that he was put on desk duty because he had a tendency to beat up all bad guys, including thugs in bars who beat up their girlfriends. Okay, I’m with her, I’m starting to like Jesse too.

Michael speeding past the bad guys in his tricked-out truck. Nice!

Seeing how badly it affected Michael when he heard Jesse being tortured over the phone. Yikes, poor Michael.

Barry not being able to stay mad at Fi for losing him a client because the way she did it was “smoking hot”. LOL!

Jesse being able to roll with Michael’s story, picking up on all of the clues he needed to in order to help Michael get him out of there.

Loving this exchange between Jesse and Sam:
Jesse: “Oh, you go through all that trouble to save my ass and leave the old guy in charge of the getaway?”
Sam: “Buckle up rookie, and try not to bleed on the upholstery”

Maddie sharing with Jesse her “very best gun cleaner”. LOL!

Jesse telling Michael that when he finds the person who burned him, he’s going to kill them. And this guy is living in his mother’s garage? Obviously they’re gonna start working together? Oh yeah, this is gonna be VERY interesting.

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Positively Positive Review – Burn Notice: Friends and Enemies

by on Jun.04, 2010, under Action, Drama, Spy, Television

Burn Notice Friends and Enemies Michael Sam Fiona

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a huge fan of summer. Never have been and probably never will be. I mean summer’s okay and all, but as far as seasons go, fall and winter are definitely my favorites.

You see, I was born in the city where Burn Notice is set – beautiful, sun kissed, white sand beaches, Miami. Only I never really liked the beach. The beach to me meant uncomfortable heat, burning sunburns (I ALWAYS got burned, every single time, no matter how much sunblock my mom slathered on me), sand everywhere, etc. When I was a kid growing up in Miami, I used to dream of living in a place where I could actually wear a coat in the winter. Strange, but true.

Okay so why do I bring all this up? Because now I’ve finally found a reason to look forward to summer. And no, the irony of it being shot in my old town of Miami is not lost on me.

At the end of last season, Michael Westen took down the crazed ex-spy Simon. In doing so, he got himself back on the good side of Management (I love that “Management” is actually just one guy). He may have also gotten arrested in the process (being found holding a gun to a guy’s head will do that), but he was out within minutes and taken to some faraway place to be imprisoned…, in a really fancy room?

This season starts right where we left off, with Michael in that room. When his “captors” come, it turns out they actually need his help. They’re trying to find someone big, who’s been behind some major stuff all over the world and so far they’ve all been coming up with bupkis.

Michael agrees to help and, in the meantime, returns home to find that everyone has had different reactions to him going missing for a month. His mother is wondering about the stories the FBI told her of her son being a killer. Sam and Fi have started doing jobs together, acting like nothing has happened but still affected by his long absence.

The trio end up solving a case, just like old times, and it brings them together again. Michael also starts on his other “job”, creating a chain reaction that causes something which made my jaw drop.

Michael has burned a spy and now we have to wait until next week to see what happens next.

My favorite bits….

Trying very hard not to be scared to see that Michael’s captor is Uriel from Supernatural. I know, I know, it’s a different show but hey, I can’t help the fact that I kept waiting for the guy to snap his fingers and kill everyone. It was a gut reaction, okay?

Seeing that Michael actually really was in a prison when they moved him to an actual cell. Kinda surprised me as I thought the pretty room meant he was in a mansion somewhere.

Michael going into the jungle all decked out in combat gear. Very different than his normal linen suits and I like it.

The way Michael asked “so now it’s my turn?” when Vaughn told him that every other agent who gets close to finding the person they’re looking for gets, well, dead.

Madeline offering Michael a tuna fish sandwich when he got home. So sweet.

Sam and Fi seemingly barely to acknowledge Michael’s return and seeing that the two of them have apparently been working together as a team (however poorly) for a while.

Michael screaming: “Guys! Guys! I have a loaded pistol machine gun in my hand and I have no idea what I’m doing!” – Yeah, I hear ya Michael. I really hate it when that happens too.

Badass Michael going up against a group of bikers with a MAC-10 in each hand. Nice!

The way Fi peeked around the trunk to ask Michael if he was pouting. Such a cute little moment.

Fi finally dropping the act of not missing Michael, smacking him first, kissing him second and finally getting mad that he was getting involved with the people who burned him. Yep, things are back to normal.

The way Sam said “The boss is a guy named Big Ed…..apparently he’s quite large.” – LOL!!

Another visit from everyone’s money launderer, Barry. Yay! I love Barry.

Being shocked that Fiona was small enough to fit through that tiny ventilation hole. Holy cow. If I’d been in that room I would’ve been screwed.

Vaughn calling Michael “Robin Hood”. So true.

This line – “Remember, we want to have a nice polite conversation with him….AFTER we kidnap him.” – Yep, always works for me.

Michael ducking just in time when he saw Sam and the biker chick wrestling over the shotgun…and also the look on his face when he saw how close they came to blowing his head off. LOL.

The way Sam’s hair looked after his fight with the biker chick. Hilarious!

The freaking awesome car chase (or would it a motorcycle chase?).

Michael coming completely clean with Madeline and telling her exactly what he did and why sometimes he has to break the law and work with bad people to help good people. Then breaking down when he told her about what Simon said to him, voicing out loud the fear he’s been carrying about turning into a monster like Simon did.

Finding out that Michael once again has done something bad in order to do something good, except this time it’s the worst thing possible – he’s burned a spy. Whoa.

Overall an exciting season premiere that puts Michael back where he belongs, but with a whole agenda.

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