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Positively Positive Review – NCIS: Los Angeles – Callen, G.

by on May.28, 2010, under Crime, Drama, Television

NCIS Los Angeles Callen G

From the moment I first saw the NCIS LA crossover episodes last year on NCIS, I knew that I was gonna like this new spin-off. The first season has done nothing except prove me right which is cool because, well, who doesn’t like it when they’re right?

Another thing I knew right off the bat was that Callen was going to turn out to be my favorite character. No it’s not just because Chris O’Donnell is cute, though that doesn’t hurt, but because “G.” is a great character. We’ve always known very little about Callen and while it’s not unusual for a show to give us nothing about a character at first, it is unusual for the character himself not to know anything about his past, not even his own name.

In this episode, we follow along as Callen gets some clues to his past – including the fact that he had an older sister. Of course we didn’t get the closure or the happy ending when it turns out that the woman living under his sister’s name is actually another person entirely and his real sister is dead. So even though a few questions were answered, a bunch more have been asked, which sets us up nicely for season 2.

My favorite parts…

The way Callen tried to reach through the cage when he saw there was a file on him and he couldn’t get it out before the place went up in flames. The amount of longing in his eyes was torturous and I just wanted to break down the damn door for him.

Sam sounding insulted that there were no records on him but two whole boxes on Hetty. Oh c’mon, like that’s really a surprise. I’m telling ya, that lady’s got some secrets. I just know it.

Hetty knowing all the answers to all the questions that Callen was ready to ask her. Of course she did have an advantage, since all of the answers were “no”.

Callen getting Eric to tell him what they had on the case before Hetty could officially call and tell him that Callen was off the case. Wow, I don’t know if I would’ve been brave enough to ignore Hetty’s calls like that. Go Eric!

The appearance of Kort (who used to work with Callen? Interesting) and him pointing out that no one calls him by his first name so Callen isn’t missing anything. I love that Callen said it’s because no one likes Kort. LOL, now I’m starting to think that Callen and Tony might get along great. Uh oh….I feel a fanfic idea coming on.

Hetty telling Callen that there’s no point in sending Callen home because it would just move him from is office chair to his office couch. LOL.

Callen working off the stress by going to the shooting range. Somehow that doesn’t surprise me at all. Considering how much stress he’s probably had in his life, it’s no wonder he’s such a great shot.

The way Callen got Nate to get info on the case for him. Pretty sneaky how he kept getting what he needed without technically breaking any rules.

Loved the car chase but I completely lost my cool when Callen’s car flipped over. I totally thought he was gonna end up in a hospital.

Callen in a totaled car, hanging upside down from his seatbelt and STILL able to take out the bad guy. Is that badass or what??

Callen’s adamant declaration that he didn’t have a sister. I just don’t think the he wanted to even acknowledge the possibility because it would mean that there was someone out there who had abandoned him. When he started to remember and the single tear dropped from his eye…..oh man. Killer scene.

Being terrified as Amy/Hannah kept trying to shoot the bad guy but kept missing. Eek.

Callen finally finding out that he has a sister only to find out that she’s dead, then hearing that she always missed him and cried herself to sleep when she was a little girl because she wanted her little brother. When Hannah was nearly out the door, I was practically screaming for him to ask her what his name was. Then he did and I lost it when all he got was “Baby Brother”. Oh, poor Callen….

Nate figuring out that the same person has been filling out the addresses in the book and watching Callen ever since he was a child. HUH???

Hetty once again knowing everything about everything and somehow getting the location where Callen’s sister was buried so he could say goodbye. Then him finding flowers and a card from what looks like a parent?? Is it his and Amy’s parent or maybe Hannah’s? Oh boy, so much to ponder for next year.

Overall a really good season ending with not so much a cliffhanger as a huge question that is ready to be answered in season 2.

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