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Positively Positive Review – NCIS: Los Angeles – Missing

by on Jan.27, 2010, under Crime, Drama, Television

Chris O’Donnell, Daniela Ruah and LL Cool J in NCIS: Los Angeles, season 1, episode 13 “Missing” NCIS LA Missing

I’m a huge spoiler-phobe so I never usually read articles online about my favorite shows unless I know for sure that they are spoiler-free. This time I made an exception as I just had to know what is up with Adam Jamal Craig leaving the show. Well it turns out that he has been written off, which is too bad as I really liked Dom. But I still don’t know if they’re going to kill him off or not, which is good because I like surprises. At least now I know why we didn’t see him at all in last night’s ep.

If anyone is interested in learning more, you can read one article I found, HERE.

Okay so all that aside, I really liked this episode. I enjoyed the emotional aspect as everyone dealt with the abduction of one of their own. It’s a little early in the first season for it perhaps, but I still think it worked. We’ve only been with these characters a little while and it was nice to see them playing something like this.


The use of the music in the opening sequence while Dom is being taken.

Callen and Sam debating over who did the better karaoke the night before. Grrr…now I really wish they’d let us actually see that. Also I like that it showed us that this is taking place the morning after the end of the last episode.

Finding out that Nate sang the Backstreet Boys…and seeing him looking still drunk.

Finding out that Hetty sang “Wanted Dead or Alive”. Hmmm…any chance she’s a fan of Supernatural? Cuz that’s song been on my iPod since Dean sang it at the end of season 3. LOL.

Everyone switching from lighthearted ribbing to serious, the moment they find out that Dom might be in trouble.

Kensi admitting that she talks to her orchids. I totally talk to my plants, too.

Hetty telling Callen and Sam to do whatever they have to do to find Dom, by whatever means necessary.

Nate and Kensi sadly searching through Dom’s apartment and remarking that neither of them really knew him that well.

Callen and Sam arguing, showing just how stressed out they are and how much they are blaming themselves for Dom’s disappearance.

Callen and Sam realizing that Dom being taken may be about them and not him, and making them feel even worse. Ugh.

The team listening to the audio from Dom’s abduction and knowing how hard that was for all of them.

Callen going after Sam when they realize they can’t track him by the abductor’s phone. Loved the two of them walking along the beach talking it out together.

Eric guiding Sam into the building to protect Callen and Kensi, using nothing but heat signature images on a screen. I was on the edge of my seat during the whole thing.

The team racing to the van only to find it empty, that just broke my heart.

Watching as each member of the team dealt with not finding Dom in a different way. My favorite was Kensi doing his dishes and cleaning, as that’s something I would totally do too.

Overall a very heartwrenching episode that had the team working together to help one of their own.

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2 Comments for this entry

  • AZGirl

    I had no idea that AJC’s Dom was going to be gone for good until I read this post…. It’s too soon to lose a character, in my opinion. But, because of how they wrote him – or, actually, their lack of writing him – I’m not too surprised. Hopefully the arc Brennan mentioned in that article will play out in a satisfying way.

  • Mokibobolink

    Yeah I had no idea either. At first I thought he had decided to leave, I was shocked when I found out they were writing him off. I agree, it is too soon but maybe they thought they had too many characters? *shrugs*

    Like you said though, I’m sure it will all play out okay,

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