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Positively Positive Review – Dollhouse: Epitaph Two:Return

by on Jan.31, 2010, under Drama, Sci Fi, Television

Tahmoh Penikett and Eliza Dushku in the Dollhouse series finale “Epitaph Two: Return” Dollhouse Epitaph Two: Return

Well this was it, the final episode and I’m not afraid to admit that I pretty much cried my way through the last twenty minutes or so.

As I watched it, I realized that the reaction I had to this episode is exactly the sort of reaction I want to have to good art, whether it be a movie, a book, a tv show or even a song. No I’m not necessarily talking about crying, I’m just talking about the strong emotional response. That response could be laughter, cheering, jumping in fear or (as in this case) sobbing my heart out.

Joss Whedon has brought out this kind of strong emotional reaction in me many times before. From Buffy to Angel to Firefly, he’s made me feel a myriad of emotions while watching his creations. This episode was no different though I am fully aware that part of it was knowing that this was the end. It took me a while to get into this show but once I did, I was in love. Now that it’s over I’m going to miss it terribly, but at least there is some comfort in seeing the story wrapped up.

As I watched the opening scenes and saw all the names appear on screen, I got excited to see that Alpha was coming back. A part of me really hoped that somehow he would be a good guy, but I didn’t want to dare to let myself hope. So when it turned out that he had in fact “evolved”, I cheered.

This being a Whedon show, I did spend much of the time waiting to find out who was going to die. You’d think by now I’d be used to him killing off my favorite characters in shockingly cold ways. But I still was unprepared for Paul’s much too quick demise. Much as I did at the end of Firefly (after another one of my favorites perished in such a way) I kept hoping that somehow he wasn’t really dead. It wasn’t until Echo lost it that I finally knew it was true and I cried right there with her.

Topher and Adelle’s relationship was such a surprise. She took care of all of her people but Topher held a special place in her heart and their tearful goodbye brought on more tears.

I loved that Victor and Sierra had ended up together with their son, that was very sweet.

But it was the very last scene that made me lose control completely. Echo sits in the chair one final time and lets Paul inside of her in a way she never did when he was alive. Alpha gave her the greatest gift of all, downloading Paul from his own head so she could have him with her forever. The moment was even more bittersweet, knowing that Alpha loved Echo at one time himself.

Throughout it all, the song they played at the end fit the mood of those final moments. The song is “Everywhere I Go” by Lissie from the album “Why You Runnin’ “ and you can download it (like I did) from iTunes below.

I’ve already watched this episode twice and plan many more viewings. I also can’t wait for the entire series to be out on DVD so that I can watch the whole thing from beginning to end.

Overall a fantastic end to a show that I am so sorry to see leave my tv screen.

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6 Comments for this entry

  • snail

    yup it was a great ep…

    sane Alpha & Topher and Adelle’s relationship are mentioned in Epitaph one…

  • Mokibobolink

    Yes but I watched Epitaph One right before Epitaph Two (I had rented the S1 DVDs since I missed most of S1). So to me it almost felt like one long ep. LOL.

  • AZGirl

    Like you Moki, I spent part of the ep wondering who the dead person to be was going to be… The anger at the choice was also not unexpected. But, I absolutely love that Whedon et al redeemed themselves by helping Echo and Paul be together for as long as she lives…

    And, many thanks for mentioning that song. It saved me from having to look it up! ;o)

  • Mokibobolink

    Once again, you’re welcome. That song is now safely esconced in my iPod and in fact was the background when I wrote some future scenes in my current fic. I still cry every time I hear it and it was perfect for some of the drama I have coming later in the story.

    Joss did indeed redeem himself when he figured out a way to give Paul to Echo for the rest of her life. Realizing that made me cry all the harder. Damn that man. LOL.

  • Amanda

    not sure about you guys, but i cried the hardest at topher’s death the first time i saw the episode. he was my favorite character on the show by far. i did cry for the last 20 minutes or so, but that hit me the hardest. the second time through, i cried the hardest for paul and echo. such a sweet gesture by alpha.

    i love this show TOO MUCH. </3

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