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Positively Positive Review – Bones: The Beginning In The End

by on May.22, 2010, under Crime, Drama, Television

Bones The Beginning In The End Booth Brennan

It might be a long one but the title of this episode couldn’t be more appropriate. As I watched it I felt like one part of this show really was ending, while setting up a whole new beginning. For a moment, when everyone was going off in all directions, I even wondered if Bones had been cancelled. They did such a great job at closing one chapter, but thank goodness, they will in fact be back next season.

There were so many cool parts of this ep, that once again I find it hard to know where to begin. It’s a fun problem to have though, having so many shows that are giving us so many good eps that I feel like I could write for days and days and not be able to name every single moment I liked. From the adventures of Hodgins and Sweets (aka “Mr, Adventure” – a moniker that made me laugh out loud every single time he said it) to the tear-eyed (especially for me) goodbye between Booth and Bones.

When Bones gets news of a super important archeological dig, I really wasn’t sure if she’d take it. But then when I saw that the Army was also trying to get Booth to re-enlist so that he could train soldiers in taking down insurgents, I had a feeling both of them would. I was surprised that Daisy was also offered a job at the same dig, but that set up the break-up between her and Sweets nicely. With everyone else leaving for a year (pretty convenient that everyone’s trips happen to be a year long), Hodgins decides that he and Angela are going to go to France.

That leaves the entire group in separate places, I gotta wonder where the new season will begin. Will we get glimpses of everyone in their new lives? God I hope so, if it means we get to see Booth in his uniform again (I literally squeaked when he came on screen in it)….but I digress. Or will we simply see them all coming back, one year from now, with the inevitable changes that are bound to happen to people after they do something so different from their normal routines?

Overall a really awesome season finale, with some of the flair of a series finale, that opens this show up to a whole new realm of possibilities. I cannot wait for the new season.

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  • maxp

    I was a fan of Bones, but Channel 7 in Australia has kind of ruined it for me by showing so many repeats and out of sequence. I can’t even work out when we are getting a new episode. Hopefully the new season will start soon and they will show it straight so I can get back on track.

    I love the idea of you doing only positive reviews I try to do the same on my site where I review shows shown in Australia no matter where they are from.

    On a slightly different subject. I like Emily Deschanel, but does anyone else think her sister Zooey is even more attractive? She doesn’t get on TV so much, but I first noticed her in one of my favourite films “Almost Famous”

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