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Positively Positive Review – NCIS: Truth or Consequences

by on Sep.23, 2009, under Crime, Drama, Television

Tony in trouble. Image from
Tony in trouble

Tony and McGee interview a possible replacement for Ziva. Image from

McGee and Tony

This episode was an absolutely spectacular start to the season. I worked hard to stay spoiler free all summer (and still am to any upcoming episodes) so I had no real idea of what was going to happen. I don’t think in my wildest dreams I thought it would ever be as great as it actually turned out to be. I loved all of the action and the fact that the team played such a big role in the rescue of Ziva. It’s nice to see them out of the normal office/suits environment and I ate it up with a spoon.


Very interesting how they set it up so that we think we’re going to see Ziva tied to the chair and it turns out to be Tony.

Tony reacting to Saleem kicking the body in the floor and us still not knowing who it is.

Tony trying to fight the truth serum but it obviously starting to have an effect on him.

The way they use the questioning as a way for Tony to basically explain the entire show’s premise and introduce all of the team members to any new viewers. Also how they used it as a way to catch us up on what’s happened in the past 3 months. Pretty ingenious.

Tony’s descriptions of the other team members – “small muscles, big brain” McGee and Gibbs as a“functional mute”.

Even drugged and tied to a chair, Tony is still a smartass.

The flashbacks showing Tony and McGee hanging out together. I’m so happy that these guys are friends again. I still want to see them messing with each other but I think that, with a background of friendship, it will be so much more fun to watch.

Tony: “If I had a thing I’d show it off all the time.”  Then Gibbs walking in with perfect timing (as always) and saying “There are rules against that DiNozzo.” – LOL!!

“Dead Petty Officer” for the win!!!

Tony’s new style. Not sure about how I feel about the hair, but I’m a big fan of the suits with no ties and the shoulder holster making a return. Harkens back to earlier seasons and I like it.

The team trying to choose a replacement for Ziva,  with Tony and McGee interviewing new girls.

Gibbs bringing the “unflappable” chick to tears in just a matter of minutes. The man has a talent.

The actor portraying Saleem  –  Omid Abtahi. He’s quite dynamic and I found that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. Very talented.

McGee and Tony having dinner together and McGee talking about buying some leather pants that “really cradle my butt”. Hilarious!

McGee offering to help Tony find Ziva. I just can’t say enough about how much I love seeing these two working together. I think they make an awesome team.

Finding out it was McGee on the floor! Oh no! But yay for McGee being there with Tony!

The entire team working together to try and figure out what happened to Ziva….and the fact that it scared off the latest new recruit. Abby’s “whatever” summed up my thoughts perfectly when the chick walked out.

Tony meeting the female version of himself.

Tony parroting what Gibbs was saying on the other side of the glass in interrogation, word for freaking word, was AMAZING!!! Loved it, loved it, loved it!

Abby and Ziva singing the “goat” song together. Too adorable.

The way they showed Tony slowly losing it after finding out that Ziva was dead. That was incredible. McGee and Abby saying what only sounds like nonsense to him – the seemingly endless “grab you gear!” calls from Gibbs. Wow. Like seriously, wow.

Tony’s “no” to Gibbs and Gibbs acting like he was waiting for that from Tony all along.

Tony, McGee and Abby tracking down Saleem by his Caf-Pow! consumption. Brilliant!

The fact that McGee was playing opossum the whole time, just waiting for an order to move from Tony. So cool! Way to go, McGee.

Tony and Ziva’s reactions to seeing each other for the first time, and the conversation that followed. They’re both surprised to see each other and she doesn’t believe that they came all the way there for her, especially when they thought she was dead.

Tony telling Ziva to get over herself and also warning her that he was on truth serum and not to ask questions if she didn’t want to know the answers.

Gibbs and Vance knowing they didn’t have enough evidence to send in a SEAL team, and Gibbs baiting Tony to volunteer himself and McGee to go in there to get some intel. So freaking amazing.

Tony’s “uh…..Timmy?” when they got captured.

Finding out that the plan involved Tony and McGee getting captured on purpose so that they could await rescue.

McGee to the rescue! ……Then Tony saving him by screaming “Stop! Stop!” and getting Saleem’s attention back on him. Way to have each other’s backs, boys!

Tony somehow, unbelievably knowing when Gibbs was going to shoot. There was no way he should’ve known. He already told Ziva he didn’t know when rescue was coming. So I have to think that this was just his uncanny “Gibbs radar”. Those two know each other so well that Tony knew when his boss was about to shoot, even from miles away. So. Freaking. Awesome!

Gibbs in sniper mode giving the order to “Go!”

Tony, Ziva and McGee stumbling out of their prison, clinging to each other, then meeting up with Gibbs who says “Let’s go home.” – I seriously got a little teary-eyed at that.

The team riding in the elevator looking like absolute Hell.

The applause from the entire bullpen and Abby’s hugging of Ziva.

The final shots of Tony and Ziva’s faces.

Overall a great start to what looks to be an awesome season. The characters are all back together and while some still have some things to work out, others appear closer than ever. Can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

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