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Positively Positive Review – NCIS: Reunion

by on Sep.30, 2009, under Crime, Drama, Television

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NCIS Reunion

What I enjoyed most about this episode was the way that they didn’t have Ziva just come right back to the team; no questions asked, like nothing ever happened. First she had some apologizing to do, some things to explain and there were some heavy conversations to be had. It felt like everyone who had a problem with her got it resolved (in as much as it could be in a single episode) and in the end I felt ready to accept her back to the team. Since I wasn’t necessarily ready when the episode started, I’d say that means the writers did a good job.


Realizing that the reason Special Agent Fillmore looks familiar is because she is Valarie Rae Miller and used to play “Original Cindy” Dark Angel. Very cool to see Michael Weatherly reunited with one of his old castmates. Plus she did an amazing job and looks better than ever.

Finding out that Tony, McGee and Gibbs are now somewhat celebrities after their rescue mission. So nice to see them being recognized for doing something heroic.

Gibbs telling Ziva “I know” when she said she finally realized that he did the right thing by leaving her in Israel.

Gibbs also telling Ziva that in addition to the Director, there was someone else she needed to talk to before coming back on the team. Gee….I wonder who that could be?

McGee bristling at being called Tony’s sidekick. Hate to break it to ya, Probie, but you are. Just like Tony is Gibbs’ sidekick.

McGee sneezing when the stripper’s “manager” sprayed cologne on him. I have the exact same reaction to bad perfume/cologne.

The battle of the clickers between Tony and McGee as they give Gibbs the rundown on their leads so far. Really loving the (now) friendly banter between them.

McGee and Tony’s discussion about what makes a “sidekick”. Okay so McGee has a point about being the same height as Tony and personally I don’t necessarily think it has to do with looks. For me, it’s about age and experience and well, Tony is older and more experienced so…..

The way the camera cut back and forth between Tony and McGee’s expression as the girl at the auction house tried to explain that she liked her boss, but he didn’t like her, without saying much of anything at all.

Ducky offering to tell Palmer “stories that could make your hair curl” about bachelor parties. For once, I was quite disappointed when Gibbs stopped him, I really wanted to hear one. *pouts*

McGee playing with the pictures on the big screen –  using his clicker to swipe them with his hands like they did when he visited the NCIS team in LA. So hilarious.

Seeing that McGee’s “Gibbs’ radar” appears to be working just as well as Tony’s as he realized his boss was behind him without looking.

Gibbs threatening Tony when he made yet another joke about Gibbs’ many marriages.

Both Tony and Ziva inadvertently making jibes at each other and then apologizing, proving that a lot has happened between them. At one point, firing insults back and forth was a normal part of their day.

Abby demanding to see Ziva and then giving her a piece of her mind about Ziva’s treatment of Tony. I loved this part! Finally we get to hear someone on the show say everything I’ve wanted to say all summer. Yes, Abby backtracked a little as she realized why Ziva did what she did (which I probably would have done too), and she did end up hugging her and making her a really cool sign. But still, she said it! Yay Abby!

Tony saying “It’s a burn phone Tim, just say burn phone” after McGee spouts off a much longer explanation.

The way the cop in the house reacted to Tony. It showed that, in addition to military personnel, the LEO’s have heard about the rescue mission too.

The numerous references to the fact that Tony used to be a cop. Between him chatting with the cop in the hallway, asking about a friend of his who used to work on the force, using his contacts to work on a lead and wearing his shoulder holster again (which I LOVE)  – I’m wondering if we’re going to hear more about that time in his life this season. If we do, that would be great.

The first headslap of the season! Woohoo! Delivered to Tony, of course. The season has officially begun!

The whole conversation between McGee and Ziva. Seems like in another time, that conversation may have happened between Ziva and maybe Ducky. To have McGee be the one to have a good talk with her, and ask her why she’s avoiding Tony, was great. Makes me feel like they’re working hard to mature his character and I like it.

Tony doing the pee-pee dance as he gives his lead to Gibbs (with McGee in the background slowly drinking coffee to mess with him), until his Boss finally says “shake it” and he takes off in relief. Hilarious!

Tony singing that Hebrew song in the bathroom, and finding out that Ziva was there watching him….again.

Ziva and Tony finally talking about everything that happened, from the night of Michael’s shooting to why she didn’t trust him and realizing that she should have and was wrong.

The “thank you” peck on the cheek Ziva gave Tony. Now I used to be on the fence about the whole “Tiva” thing, thinking that maybe I would like it if the writers handled it right, etc. But now I’m really against it. I like the banter and sexual tension between those two and if anything happens, it will all be over. So I saw that kiss as nothing more than Ziva showing her thanks to her partner, maybe I’m fooling myself but I don’t care.

Tony figuring out a final piece to the case with Ziva’s inadvertent help.

The cop they suspect of the murder, only agreeing to talk to Tony. I don’t know why, but I really dug that.

Watching the way Gibbs and McGee were backing up Tony as he waited for the cop to meet him. I just love it when the team all bands together to cover someone, no matter who it is.

Tony having to touch the dirty guy in the phone booth so that he could save his life and pull him out of the way of the car.

McGee’s sneezing actually turning out to be a clue to the case.

Tony and McGee happily declaring “You’re under arrest!” in unison when they cuffed the girl. So cute!

Tony calling the girl a “bad little putty tat” as he put the cuffs on, reminiscent of him calling another girl “a naughty little kitty cat” when he did the same thing.

Ziva admitting to Gibbs that she was technically following orders when she shot Ari to save his life. Then pleading with him to believe that she never lied and would have done it anyway, and saying that he is the closest thing she has to a father. Wow, that was amazing. I totally choked up. Nice work, Cote!

The final scene – Tony, McGee and Ziva don’t say a word but their expressions say it all as Ziva sits back down at her old desk and gets to work.

Overall a strong second episode giving us some good resolutions to all that happened at the end of last season, showing us that Ziva has realized what she did wrong and is grateful to be with her “family” again.

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