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Positively Positive Review – NCIS: Los Angeles – Pushback

by on Nov.11, 2009, under Crime, Drama, Television

Chris O’Donnell and Daniela Ruah in NCIS:Los Angeles, season1, episode 7 “Pushback”. Image from www.daemonstv.comNCIS LA: Pushback

In this episode we get another delicious glimpse into Callen’s background and history. While investigating a case of a woman shot to death, they come to find out how she’s connected to Callen and the shooting that nearly killed him six months ago.


The look Callen gave Sam when he saw him making tea, and then the way his face fell when Hetty asked why if he couldn’t taste the paper from his sad little tea bag.

Laughing at Vance giving the cutoff signal at the end of his call to Callen. I mean who was he signaling? It looked like he was in his office. Couldn’t he just have turned off the feed himself?

Nate folding his super tall self to sit down at Hetty’s teeny, tiny little workstation to look at Callen’s file.

Okay wait. Callen’s driving a Mercedes now? What happened to the new Impala he was supposed to have? I’m confused.

Kensi asking Sam how long he and Callen were married. LOL! She’s right, those two totally act like they’re married sometimes.

Kensi and Nate theorizing that maybe Hetty is the redactor. Ooh…I think they’re on to something there.

Sympathizing now with people who live in towns where tv shows are supposed to be set. I can’t help but to keep noticing little things. Like the fact that some photos shot at 5:47pm were as bright as midday, despite the fact that it gets dark at around 5:30pm these days in LA. That plus the fact that if Sam and Callen were driving to the Arkady’s house in Studio City there’s no way they could’ve ended up at the Farmer’s Market that fast. LOL.

Sam acting drunk to distract the bodyguards. So freaking hilarious. Especially his description of “Jolene”.

Finding out that Callen learned Russion when he was a kid and not as part of his job. Huh, that was a surprise.

Callen realizing that the girl he tried to avoid on the beach when he was talking with Gibbs, was someone he considered a little sister. Also that she was trying to avenge him as she thought he was dead. So sad.

Hetty and Nate discussing Callen and how working on this case might not be good for him, obviously they both care a lot about him.

Finding out that Callen changed foster homes so often as a kid, except for the one where he had a “little sister”.

Callen going back to his old foster house, the moment he walked in the door I said to myself that this would be his home now. I hope that’s true. Seeing him walk through the place and revisiting all the old memories was nice. The poor guy never had much, that house must have been like heaven for him. I think he deserves it.

Overall a great episode that nicely wrapped up a storyline that dated all the way back to its premiere on the original NCIS, solving the mystery of who shot Callen and why.

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2 Comments for this entry

  • Ceebee

    I just loved when Callen put the picture of his ‘little sister’ in the box that held the tea–so telling of his childhood of so few things he held dear to his heart. This was something he wanted to put in a special place–and he didn’t have a special place. Now he does!

  • Mokibobolink

    I agree Ceebee. I know I’m just a softie but I’ll admit I teared up a bit at that.


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