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Positively Positive Review – NCIS: Los Angeles – Killshot

by on Oct.21, 2009, under Crime, Drama, Television

Adam Jamal Craig, LL Cool J, Chris O’Donnell and Daniela Ruah in NCIS: Los Angeles, season 1, episode 5 “Killshot”NCIS LA Killshot


Not one, but two special guests from the original NCIS showed up in this episode. Director Vance came to help the team track down an old enemy of his and though she only helped spoke via phone, Abby helped too. 


Sam suggesting that Callen live on a boat. Since Callen likes to move a lot, I think that’s an awesome idea.

Nate catching Dom filming him with his cell phone. Aw, the probie still has lots to learn.

The team using the huge touch screen to look at all the victim’s documents. So cool.

Hetty catching Nate reading a comic book.

Sam continuing to try and find a place that Callen would like to live. I forget, is Callen staying with Sam? That could explain why he’s so anxious to “help” him out.

As soon as I saw the shooter get in the car I knew it was a woman.

Vance showing up and giving them the lowdown on the shooter and Sam and Callen figuring out that he’s dealt with the woman before.

The whole conversation between Vance and Hetty. Nice to see that these two have apparently been friends for a long time and that Hetty can get the truth out of him about the woman.

Abby! Yay! Though I’m confused. Why was she not in her lab? Cuz that wasn’t it. I wonder if they can’t use the same sets since it seems like Vance never calls from MTAC, despite the fact that he uses that for video conferences on NCIS.

Eric calling Vance “Leon” and quickly realizing that was a mistake. I was kind of surprised when Abby called him that, but I guess she’s earned it. Eric apparently has not.

Sam spotting the assassin on the roof from nothing more than a quick flash.

Kelsi using Nate as a block so that she could read the lips of the couple in the safe house.

Seeing Vance get to act a little bit like an agent, working on catching his old foe.

Dom figuring out from the security system that the second victim knew her killer. That was pretty slick.

The team now having to prove that their original assassin didn’t kill the second victim.

Dom going undercover as a cop. That’s pretty funny when you think about it. An agent pretending to be a cop.

The team going into action to protect the victim’s brother (and possible suspect).

Nate correctly guessing that Vance sent the victim out as bait. Sneaky Leon, very sneaky.

Vance showing up and saying that the assassin must be dead. Ha! I’m with Nate, there’s no way Vance actually believes that. Oh boy…I wonder if we’ve just found this season “La Grenoille”?

After all that everyone has been through, all of them completely wigging out when they find out that Dom lost one of Hetty’s camera buttons. LOL!

Overall another good episode that has the LA team chasing a quarry that I think may just end up showing up again.

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