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Positively Positive Review – NCIS: Los Angeles – Keepin’ It Real

by on Nov.05, 2009, under Crime, Drama, Television

Chris O’Donnell, Daniela Ruah and LL Cool J in NCIS: Los Angeles, season 1, episode 6 “Keepin’ It Real”. Image from www.daemonstv.comNCIS LA Real

This week’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles featured the team working to find out why a young Marine apparently threw himself of a hotel roof. It leads them to a case involving counterfeit money and working with the Secret Service to get to the bottom of it.


The way that Callen and Sam walk in together at the beginning of every episode, in the midst of some sort of discussion/argument.

Hetty using the word “staycation”.

The fact that Sam knows his and Callen’s anniversary as partners, and Callen has no clue. These two keep coming off as an old married couple and it keeps cracking me up.

This line from Callen – “If you’re natural, then I’m supernatural.” = awesome!

The fact that no matter where they are, Eric can tap into any camera nearby with just a few clicks.

Eric and Dom’s rather enthusiastic reaction to the seeing the women in the elevator footage. I totally knew that Hetty was standing behind them. She’s like a mini Gibbs.

Callen telling Sam that he won’t be going in the water because “Too many holes in me, Sam. I’d sink.”

Finding out that Callen has a rule about dating law enforcement. Interesting…

Callen’s story about the kid that looked out for him when he was in foster care. Oh man, this guy’s got one heck of a history. That story broke my heart and the way he looked at the Secret Service chick, I knew it was true. Made me kinda wanna slap her for asking. Just sayin’.

Hetty telling Kensi that she once had to hide in a cake while undercover. Totally makes me wonder what Linda Hunt looked like when she was younger.

I’m with Hetty. Kensi could totally take the Secret Service chick.

Hetty prepping Callen before he goes out undercover. Love that she’s like their little Yoda – testing them and getting them ready to face the bad guys.

Giggling at the fact that I just drove past that western bar a few hours before I saw this ep. Yes it does actually have swinging doors.

Eric hiding jpegs on Callen’s fake website to make him more legit. Nice.

Feeling relief when Callen knew how to ink the press. For a minute there I thought maybe he was gonna get caught. Guess I should’ve known better.

Noticing that Callen was wearing a wedding ring. Wow, Hetty really knows how to dress her boys and girls for the parts. Not sure I would’ve noticed a detail like that.

Finding out that “Gunny Pallette” was the bad guy. Didn’t actually see that one coming.

Hmm…So Callen dated a cop once, that’s why he has the rule. I’m intrigued.

Overall a strong episode full of lots of action and a bit more backstory on Callen.

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