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Positively Positive Review – Dollhouse: Belle Chose

by on Oct.11, 2009, under Drama, Television

Eliza Dushku and Tahmoh Penikett in Dollhouse, season 2, episode 3 “Belle Chose”. Image from www.daemonstv.comDollhouse Belle Chose

Dollhouse is really starting to grow on me this season. While it’s true that I missed most of last season due to a lack of DVR, it’s also true that what few episodes I did catch, I couldn’t follow. I’m happy to say that I’m having no such trouble this season.

What first attracted me to this show was that it was created by Joss Whedon and stars Eliza Dushku. I have loved Joss’s work since Firefly and after going back to watch all of Buffy and Angel, I fell in love with Eliza as well. The past couple episodes have made me fall for both of them all over again.

While last season suffered (at least for me) from delving too much into its own mythology, this season has been simply concentrating on individual storylines and the characters. From that we’re getting the great dialogue I’ve always loved from Joss’s work and great performances from not only Eliza, but the rest of the cast.

This episode had some creepy, scary moments as well as some hilariously funny ones. The sicko psycho drugging the women to make them all stand around like his person doll collection gave me chills. Then the character of “Kiki” travelling from Echo to a spectacular turn in Victor, had me laughing. Enver Gjokaj was amazing, really making me believe that he was a young female college student.

Overall this show seems to be getting better and better each week, making me very excited to watch what comes next.

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  • soullldiva

    I watched all of the first season and, while I LOVE Joss, I didn’t love the show. Yet, I’m STILL watching. Personally, I adore Tamoh (especially since he was on Battlestar) and he’s great on the show. They had a great season finale with Alpha getting back into the Dollhouse, we’ll see where it goes this season. You kinda have to really suspend your disbelief on this one more than usual, because everyone seems beyond the law here. Let’s see how it develops…

  • Mokibobolink

    Tamoh is great! I love him too and that’s without ever seeing an ep of Battlestar. Of course as a huge Wash fan, I also loved Alpha’s appearance at the end of last season. Will be interesting to see where this all goes, that’s for sure.

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