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Positively Positive Review – Dollhouse: A Love Supreme

by on Dec.14, 2009, under Drama, Sci Fi, Television

Alan Tudyk in Dollhouse, season 2, episode 8 “A Love Supreme”. Image from www.daemonstv.comAlan Tudyk looking snappy in Dollhouse: A Love Supreme

You know, ever since I heard that Dollhouse was going to be cancelled, I told myself I wasn’t going to do any more reviews. In fact, I wasn’t even sure if I was going to watch it. After all, why get myself excited over a show that soon enough won’t exist?

Well as you can see, I’ve decided to do both. Once again, I simply can’t help it. I started this blog so that I could talk about the things I love about good tv shows out there, and Dollhouse is still one of those shows.

Not only is this show good, but in the past few weeks it’s gotten phenomenal. Just my luck that I’m beginning to love a show more and more, now that its head is firmly placed on the chopping block.

Oh well, I’m a fan of Joss Whedon. Getting my heart broken is part of the territory, right?

Fox is now showing two eps every week, I’m sure so that they can get it off their roster faster. Sigh. I’m only going to talk about the last one though. The one that had me literally squealing in delight, laughing hysterically and nearly in tears? Yeah, that’s the one.

It’s not just the return of Alpha that’s making this show so good. Though I’ll admit, as a huge Alan Tudyk fan, that is a big part of it. But it’s also the fact that Echo is more than just a mere “doll” now. She’s gained the ability to pick and choose her personas at will, whenever one suits her needs. Plus she and Ballard didn’t sleep together and just like Alpha, I totally knew that meant he loved her and she him.

So now we have the characters all going in new directions and poof! here’s Alpha to screw it all up royally. Implanting himself with Ballard (and causing his “brain death” in the process) is the latest trick up his sleeve.

I can’t wait until next week, when we get another two hours to see what happens next and how Echo is going to fix it……because she has to fix it, right???

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