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Positively Positive Review – Castle: The Fifth Bullet

by on Dec.08, 2009, under Comedy-drama, Mystery, Television

Marc Blucas and Nathan Fillion in Castle, Season 2, episode 11 “The Fifth Bullet”. image from www.daemonstv.comCastle The Fifth Bullet
Last night as I watched this episode I felt like such a smarty pants. As soon as they found the guy with amnesia, I predicted that he would turn out to be the killer. Heck, I even figured out what the plastic bag was for and that the dog would lead them closer, about a minute before Castle did.

Even as they kept trying to help the guy, figuring he’d been shot by the murderer, I thought I knew better. I was Miss Genius because I knew for a fact he’d turn out to be the bad guy and they might even find out he had been faking all along.

I tried my hardest not to like the character of “J”. I kept telling myself he was bad, he was evil, he was the murderer, I mustn’t like him and I certainly mustn’t hope for him and his ex-wife to get back together.

So when they finally proved that he did it, I went “Aha! I knew it!”…..until I looked at how much time was left in the episode. What’s this? I thought. A case is never solved this soon. Could it be that I was…….wrong??

Sure enough. I was dead wrong and all I have to say is…… YAY!!!

I know, it’s strange to enjoy being wrong but in a case like last night I couldn’t have been happier. Because even though I tried as hard as I could not to, I ended up liking the amnesiac and yes, I even hoped he’d get back with his ex. Watching him walk away at the end of the episode, with her arms around him and the dog happily trotting at their heels, made me very happy.

Who knew that a mystery show could also give us a nice, romantic, happy ending?

Ps: Holy cow! After looking up the episode stats to find out the name of the actor who played “J”, I just realized he played Riley on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I knew he looked familiar but I couldn’t figure out why….duh!

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