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Positively Positive Review – Castle: Fool Me Once…

by on Oct.13, 2009, under Comedy-drama, Crime, Television

Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic in Castle, season 2, episode 4 “Fool Me Once…”. Image from www.daemonstv.comCastle Fool Me Once

This week’s episode of Castle has everyone investigating the death of a con man who may, or may not, have a heart of gold. He apparently tricks kids out of money, but then takes time out to write to each one of them while on a fake trip to the Antarctic. He is dating an heiress worth millions, but has signed a pre-nup giving up any claim to it.

This episode kept me guessing until the very end. Not only about who committed the murder, but also about the victim himself. Along the way, we got to see everyone on the give their opinions of cons and con men. It was no surprise that all the men liked con movies and admired some of the victim’s ploys.

It was interesting to see though, that as soon as Castle saw cons from the viewpoint of a father rather than a man, his whole idea of them changed. What was once funny and clever was now suspicious and possibly dangerous to his little girl. His over-protection, checking out Alexis’s violin teacher, may have been a bit over the top…okay a LOT over the top, but who can really blame him?

I also enjoyed the fact that throughout the entire episode, Beckett was pulling the biggest con of all. She lied to Castle about not reading his book, which we find out (and so does he) that she’s really addicted to it. She also told the whole team that she didn’t like con movies, but in the end loved them just as much as the guys did.

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3 Comments for this entry

  • John Mason

    I absolutely loved this episode. We finally got to see more of that quirky, adorable side of Kate Beckett. Also, I felt like she has gained some power in the relationship with Castle. Now, she can toy with him and throw him off his game :) I really like this direction for her and look forward to seeing her grow.

  • Jasper

    Loved this episode. I hope the see more of this side of Beckett–great con on Castle. They have such a fun dynamic.

  • Mokibobolink

    I totally agree, John. Seeing Beckett pull the wool over Castle’s eyes for once was great. Nice to see that she can mess with him too.

    So true Jasper, they do have a fun dynamic and it’s one of the best parts of the show for me.

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