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Positively Positive Review – Bones: Harbinger In A Fountain

by on Sep.22, 2009, under Crime, Drama, Television

Bones – Harbinger In A Fountain. Image from

Bones - Harbinger In A Fountain

I missed most of Bones last season and only just caught up over the summer. So I’ve really only been on pins and needles over the finale for about a week. Luckily this episode immediately jumped in and told us exactly what’s been happening with Booth and Brennan since Booth woke up from his coma. I like that we’re getting a chance to see Booth in a new light, a bit vulnerable as he tries to figure out whether his new feelings are real and what exactly to do with them. All the while, Brennan has no clue what is going on.


Cyndi Lauper as a psychic. Love her so much!

A rather scruffy looking Booth. I dig it when we get to see him in regular clothes, not just suits.

Bones accidentally sitting on Booth because he was sleeping on her couch. That made me laugh so hard.

Booth and Bones both blowing very loud (and childish) raspberries at the idea of the psychic. So freaking cute.

Seeing Angela and Hodgins away from the lab and at the crime scene.

Camille knowing immediately that Booth was in love with Brennan and then advising him to be careful of Brennan’s heart.

Yet another amazing music montage. Awesome because of the Cyndi Lauper song ”Fearless”, and also because it showed the entire team working on the case. Seems to me we used to only see Booth and Brennan in these montages.

Booth’s struggle to decide whether or not he should tell Brennan how he feels. Oh man. A part of me wants him to do it but logically I know that once that happens, the best part of the show will be gone. Ugh.

The interrogation room they use. Don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it before but I really dig that place. Super cool walls.

The fact that both Brennan and Angela bring their own travel mugs to the coffee shop. Yay for the show being environmentally friendly.

Brennan offering to kiss Booth on the forehead and the look on his face when he accepts, thinking she’s serious.

The growth of the team to now include Sweets and Caroline. I think having more characters makes for a much more interesting show, especially such great characters as those two.

Booth’s assumption of what the picture was on Sweet’s computer. My mind totally went there too.

Wow…antifreeze is some scary stuff. Who knew?

Hodgins still calling himself King of the Lab. Aw. Makes me miss Zach again.

Brennan saying that the pain meds make her feel the same way she assumes people of average intelligence must feel. I laughed so hard at that.

The very sneaky (and yes, I’ll admit it, manipulative) way that Booth and Brennan got Fargood’s DNA. Yes it was sneaky, but I liked it.

Brennan telling Booth “Do not kill the clown!” when it squirted him with water.

Aw, but now Booth doubts himself because of not hating the clown. The “atta girl” love you wasn’t quite what he had in mind, I’m sure.

The fact that Caroline drives a Gremlin.

The psychic telling Booth and Brennan that everything works out eventually. Guess that will keep us all guessing for a while.

Overall a great start to the new season. This episode answered the questions we’ve all had since last year’s finally but in a way that we can still watch our two favorite characters dance around each other, wondering “will they or won’t they?”. Which is exactly how I like them.

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