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Positively Positive Review – NCIS: Los Angeles – Found

by on May.06, 2010, under Crime, Drama, Television


Well they did it, they actually killed off Dom. I guess deep down I knew that was going to happen, but I was still sort of surprised when it actually happened. I figured that Adam Jamal Craig was still leaving the show but for a little while there, I wondered if the character might actually live through his ordeal.

The team gets a lead that Dom is being held by a group of terrorists threatening to execute him if their demands aren’t met. They then go about doing anything and everything they can to find him, including some scare tactics that were very effective, like threatening to throw a man into the ocean handcuffed to a brick. When everything leads to one man that they cannot take into custody by normal means, the team decides to take their threats to extreme measures, causing everyone to decide between saving Dom’s life and their careers.

Meanwhile Dom is trying on his own to escape, not content to just sit idly by when he knows his time is running out. An NCIS agent to the bone, he works every angle he can to get out of his prison – from using a broken mug handle to break out of his handcuffs to befriending one of his captors (who turns out to be Sam’s old friend Moe, the boy he took back from Somalia after killing his father).

In the end, it turns out that Dom is being held not in some faraway land, he’s right there in LA in an old theater. The team finally finds him, just as Dom has broken free and is looking for a way out of his prison.

The saddest part of this show is the fact that the team actually does find Dom and for all intents and purposes, does rescue him. But in the ensuing firefight, Dom gets in the line of fire while protecting Sam and is fatally wounded.

Watching Sam and Callen desperately try to bring Dom back while the rest of the team watches helplessly (most of them miles away and watching via cameras), I felt the first tears fall. Then as Callen had to pull Sam off, telling him that they had never given up on the younger man, even more came.

The closing song at the end was the final straw for me, I can’t think of anything more perfect for the sadness of that scene than Peter Gabriel’s “Grieve”

Overall a sad but extremely well done episode.

Farewell Dom.

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3 Comments for this entry

  • snail

    yup,…. and Carlo Rota was in it….

  • AZGirl

    When I recognized Peter Gabriel’s ‘Grieve’, that’s when Dom’s death hit me… Like you said, it was a great choice in music!

    I totally didn’t see the twist of Dom still being in L.A. coming. It was a very well done episode…

  • Mokibobolink

    Snail – *facepalm* Now I know why that guy looked kinda familiar. I just looked him up and he was in the Boondock Saints. You always recognize all these people I don’t. LOL.

    AZGirl – I know, that song really made it so real. Also Kensi’s tears reflecting in the sunlight, which I forgot to mention. For some reason I had a feeling he was in LA, I don’t know why. But still, it was a nice twist.

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