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TV Episode Recap/Review – The Good Guys: Don’t Tase Me, Bro

by on Aug.03, 2010, under Action, Comedy, Crime, Television

Oh man, where do I begin? Last night’s episode of The Good Guys, called “Don’t Tase Me, Bro” had so much good stuff I don’t know what to talk about first. Plus, I’m finding it hard to decide which character I like more, Dan or Jack. On the one hand you have Dan’s over-the-top, every-line-that-comes-from-his-mouth-is-hilarious bit, then on the other you have Jack’s much more subtle but no less funny performance. It’s an impossible choice so I guess I’ll just say that I love them both equally, how’s that?

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TV Episode Recap/Review – Burn Notice: Where There’s Smoke

by on Jul.31, 2010, under Action, Drama, Spy, Television

Jeffrey Donovan and Coby Bell in Burn Notice

This week’s episode of Burn Notice, called “Where There’s Smoke” had the entire gang involved in a job as Fiona gets herself kidnapped to protect a client. Michael begins negotiations with the kidnappers but Fi sends a coded message letting him know that she and the client are dead, money or no money. So then Michael and Sam run off to try and find her, leaving Jesse and Maddie to deal with the husband who doesn’t believe that his money won’t solve the problem.

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TV Episode Recap/Review – The Good Guys: Hunches and Heists

by on Jul.20, 2010, under Action, Comedy, Crime, Television

Colin Hanks and Bradley Whitford in The Good Guys

In this week’s episode of The Good Guys, titled “Hunches and Heists”, there’s kind of two of everything. First there are the two hunches, Dan’s hunch and then finally (when Dan drags it out of him) Jack’s hunch. Then there are the two heists.

A guy that Dan put away years ago, who’s also known as the worst getaway driver in the business, is out of jail and the Feds think he’s going to be part of a bank robbery. Dan doesn’t believe it but when the guy’s daughter asks him to check up on her dad and make sure he’s not getting into trouble, he goes to see him. Meanwhile Dan and Jack are put on the case of a bunch of dry cleaning and (of course) it turns out that that everything is related.

Dan’s old friend is part of a heist, but not the real one, I mean well it’s a real one just not the really real one. Yeah I was kinda confused too. Didn’t stop me from enjoying the episode though.

My favorite bits…

Dan’s ability to simultaneously bug Jack and listen to the Lieutenant’s briefing at the same time.

Jack complaining that he not only has to look at Dan’s gut, he has to listen to it too.

Laughing my head off at the ridiculously close angle they gave us of Dan taking a whiz on the side of the building. Classy.

The fact that Dan never bothers to put on another shirt while his is undergoing “repairs” – even though he had no trouble wearing different jackets. The sight of him in the wifebeater cracked me up the entire episode.

Dan tossing back beers and going over the good old days, with the guy he threw in jail.

Once again, Dan doing something on the case that annoys the hell out of Jack, but somehow leads them to a clue. Case in point – going back to the dry cleaners to pick up his shirt leading to the fact that security guard uniforms have been stolen.

The guys trying to prevent a bank heist…….by inadvertently robbing it themselves.

Totally agreeing with what Dan said to Jack – “when you screw up, move on”. Sometimes that’s better than doing nothing but dwelling on the past. Huh, who knew that Dan could give out life advice?

Dan hollering at the waitress: “Darling! Box my meat!” – LOL!

The wrestling match/slap fight over the radio in the car.

Them playing ELO’s “Don’t Bring Me Down” as Walter raced Dan and Jack back over the exploding bridge to stop the other heist.

Jack finally going with his gut and taking them to the jewelry store. Yeah Jack!

Getting a kick out of Walter running into a fire hydrant, especially since I’d just watched another character do that on Lie To Me, which came on right before. Huh, same writers maybe?

Dan telling the Lieutenant that the guys from the other heist weren’t “Easter Bunny” fake, just regular fake.

The shootout in the cemetery ending in everyone dying. Fitting, no?

Jack going back into Liz’s office to “do something stupid and impulsive”, and kissing her……only to find out that her boyfriend asked her to move in with him. Oops.

Overall another hilarious turn from this series that I am still enjoying quite a bit.

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TV Episode Recap/Review – Burn Notice: Entry Point

by on Jul.17, 2010, under Action, Crime, Drama, Spy, Television

Michael and Fi in Burn Notice - Entry Point

Alright people, so I’m moved in and ready to start posting reviews again. Woot! :)

To celebrate my triumphant return, here’s my review for the latest episode of Burn Notice – “Entry Point”. In this ep, the team is split up with Michael and Fi working with a client who creates forgeries of high-end items and inadvertently got himself mixed up with a thief after a super expensive sword. Michael and Fi have to play private security for hire in order to track down the thief, aka “Mr. Slippery”. Things go awry (don’t they always) though when it turns out that the thief is actually a “Miss”, not a “Mister”.

Meanwhile, Jesse is put on point to interrogate Kendra and Sam ends up floating between both jobs, applying his skills wherever they are needed. What a team player.

My favorite bits….

Michael comparing interrogating a hostile prisoner to proposing marriage. Trouble is, I really can’t decide if I’m totally offended by that…..or kinda turned on a little.

Kendra going so far to show off how tough she was by bashing her head into the table repeatedly. Holy crap, that was scary.

Sam saying that he was officially eating his lunch, and drinking his beer of course, “in protest”. LOL.

Sam actually using the term “don’t let him slip you any wooden nickels” (which basically means don’t get tricked). Okay, what is this? 1948 or something?

Fi getting completely distracted off the job by all the shoes in the room. Hey, can’t say I blame her.

Laughing at the term “hot tub assassination attempt”.

The obvious joy Sam got out of screaming (and spitting a little) at Jesse.

Jesse really being able to pull off the lowly grunt act. Heck, even I was falling for it.

Michael’s role of the week – Randy, with an “R”, country arson inspector.

Michael using a file sharing site to upload intelligence. Nice.

Wacky cat lady telling Fi that she’s obviously too disorganized to work at their company and then Fi throwing a coffee cup at her. Hilarious.

Poor Buddy having to get shot in the arm to keep him from getting blown up. Ouch.

OMG! LOVED the Burn Notice/White Collar commercial with Fi & Michael and (NAME???).”Is that a grenade?”, “What grenade?” ROTFLMAO!

Jesse asking Sam – “Hey, let me ask you something. Is it weird that I kinda miss you?” – LOL! So loving these two together.

The look on Michael’s face right before he tossed Buddy out the window. Classic.

Finding out that my suspicions about the assistant chick were right when she turned out to be “Miss Slippery”.

Michael using Fi’s purse (one he never liked) to put a bomb under a moving car. Awesome.

Michael and Sam sitting on the couch, watching the interrogation with beers and sandwiches, totally cracked me up. It looked like a couple guys watching football on a Sunday.

Micheal telling Jesse that he really could use some more friends, after Jesse said it would be weird not hanging out with their hostage.

Overall an action packed and fun episode that had shows that this new team works well together, as well as apart.

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TV Review/Recap – Memphis Beat: Love Her Tender

by on Jul.07, 2010, under Action, Crime, Drama, Television

Memphis Beat

Okay so before y’all start thinking that all I’m gonna be doing on this blog is linking to my reviews on ANOTHER blog, let me just reassure you that this is not the case. The deal is that I’m in the midst of moving and with all the packing, re-organizing, calling movers, filling out multiple change of address forms and all that fun stuff, I haven’t been able to do much else. But since I’m actually getting paid to write over at Deamon’s TV, you can be sure at least those reviews will continue to happen – move or no move. ;)

So just bear with me as I get through this move and I’ll be back on track again, providing y’all with my positively positive reviews that you enjoy so much.

In the meantime, here’s a little snippet from my latest review up at Daemon’s TV.

This week’s episode of Memphis Beat, titled ‘Love Her Tender’, was about a young beauty queen who goes missing the morning of a pageant. As Dwight and Whitehead keep digging into her disappearance, they find a lot of suspects as well as a whole lot more questions. At first it appears the creepy son of the pageant director might be involved, then a rival beauty queen. Even the girls’ parents are suspects at one point after it is discovered that they lock her up in a shed when she doesn’t do as well in a pageant as they would like (oh yeah, parents of the year right there).

In the end though, it’s another difficult case for the officers as they find out……READ MORE

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