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Positively Positive Review: Dish Network

by on Apr.06, 2010, under Services, Television, Websites

Dish Network Logo

Recently I’ve been asked to write some blog posts giving my opinions of various websites, products, etc. This time it’s about dish network and the advantages of it over cable.

Now at first I wondered how I could write about this, considering that I don’t actually have Dish Network. I have another satellite though and one thing I can say is after having one, I’ll never go back to cable. If for some reason I move and can’t take my current service with me, the first thing I will be doing is calling up companies like Sterling Satellite (for whom I am writing this review) and see about getting new service.

I know some people worry that a satellite, any sort of satellite, won’t work sometimes – losing picture because of things like weather, etc. I’m here to say that’s wrong. I’ve had a satellite for about 6 years now and the only times I can recall losing service (which is very rare, less than 5 times for sure), it was usually due to some other type of issue. My landlord cut the wires once, let’s just say that didn’t do a lot for my service.

Satellite services, like Dish Network, offer tons of channels, high quality picture, DVR services and more.

Overall I have to say – what’s there not to like about that? :)

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